Tactical Base Plate

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4 +$24.95
Improve reloading speeds and clear jammed mags quicker with the Double Diamond Tactical Base Plates.

These base plates add weight to help mags drop free easier and have a flared edge to increase grip for magazine removal and insertion.

Buy multiple and save! Purchase 4 or more baseplates and get them for $24.95. Save $5 each!

Please note: Due to the wider base, these base plates may not work with some magwells.
Made in the USA from a solid block of aluminum, the Double Diamond Tactical Base Plates weigh 22 grams compared to the factory base plate's 3.5 grams. This extra weight helps the mags to drop free faster and more consistently.

Available in six colors and two caliber options to fit all Glock models except the 36, 42, and 43.

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So tactical.


These tactical base plates are so much more tactical than glocks non tactical base plate. There is so much tactical here that it out tacticals most other tactical items that are put on tactical pistols. If you do not buy these tactical titans of the tactical gun world, you are nowhere near the level of tactical that other tactical gun owners are. These are just like tactical racing stripes on your tactical car. Guaranteed to add at lease 10 tactical horsepower to your tactically cerakoted tactical pistol. So grab your tactical credit card from your tactical wallet and tactically purchase these tactical base plates. Soooooooo Tactical. :)

Does not fit some mag wells


I ordered these and found out that they do not fit the Big Mouth Aluminum Mag Well. Glockstore was good about returning this item but, it should be mentioned on the web page that these won't fit with a mag well installed.

Base Plate


Very nice design, and fit perfectly. It gives the magazine a nice weight into it. Easy to install as well.