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Tactical Practical UM 3 Sight Mount

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SKU: 2020
Easily install this Tactical Rail Mounting System to shoot your Red Dot sight in seconds.
Ever wanted to use a red dot sight system but didn’t want to hassle with the installation and mounting issues associated with removing your rear sights or even machining the slide. Well, here’s the most impressive mounting system I’ve ever seen and used and here’s why:
• It attaches to your gun in seconds using the built in rails. A spring loaded detent is engaged into the firearms mil-standard 1913 tactical rail, locking it in place.
• It fits and functions on any handgun with the standard rail! Not just Glocks but any handgun that has the rail, which is most of them these days.
• It removes in seconds by simply pushing the spring loaded release button and sliding it off.
• When installed, you can still access your standard iron sights as it gives space to see through.
• Since it mounts on the rail and locks into place it is repeatable and will hold a zero.
• It’s machined in the USA of T6 aluminum and type III hardcoat anodized, just like your AR-15 upper.
• A Universal Holster is available that will fit just about any gun with this sight mount attached as the handgun locks into the holster using the Sight Mount.
• It’s low cost and will accept any picatinny mounting system.

All that said, I give this product a 10 out of 10 and highly recommend it to all shooters who wish to experience the option of a red dot sighting system. The best thing about this is the ease of installation and that it can be transferred to other guns in seconds. So, no need to settle for one gun with a red dot sight; move it from gun to gun and shoot as you want when you want.

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I love the look of this and it works perfectly with the matching holster. One really nice thing about this is that it optic takes less abuse and it's faster to re-adjust for your follow up shots.