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Titanium Coated Safety Plunger for Glock 43/43X/48

SKU: 1197
Reduces Trigger Pull, Improves Accuracy!

Our High Performance Safety Plunger is coated with Titanium Nitride, which has a very low coefficient of friction.

This advanced coating not only reduces the drag of the trigger bar, but also prevents corrosion.

A reduced power spring is also included with your purchase!
This high performance replacement Safety Plunger helps provide a smoother, lighter trigger pull and, hence, better accuracy!

That's what gives you better accuracy. Because there is less friction on the metal-to-metal parts… the trigger pull is lighter!

Comes complete with a reduced power replacement spring.

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worthwhile purchase


Quality looking I installed with OEM spring as supplied spring seems a little weak so the wall of the trigger pull appears to be the same but the pull feels a little cleaner not sure that's going to accomplish any improvement in accuracy but the increase in corrosion resistance and a improvement in smoothness in travel up and down in the bore is worth the investment for me