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Titanium Nitride Coated Locking Block

SKU: 2628-173P
Give your Glock handgun that extra bit of style and durability!

These are OEM Locking Blocks refinished in Titanium Nitride. The TiN coating improves lubricity of the part and reduces wear, increasing its lifetime in a great looking finish.
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Looks Great but read the gun fit description carefully


part looks good in my gun but i misread the fitting information and tried to put it in my gen 4 glock...it fits but its not the right size...GEN 3 only guys...i saw the G19 (3-pin only) and disregarded the Gen 3. so hopefully i can get a store credit upon return and wait until they make these for the 4th generation.

Works as intended.


I installed this in my Gen4 Glock 19. Yes it does fit, the pins are just tight. (Which is a good thing) Had to hammer them in a little but definitely not worried about walking pins. This makes the slide feel smoother when pulled back. Not something you need as stock works great but if you are doing a build (like me) or just want the "cool" factor, don't hesitate to pick one up.

Fits my G17 Gen 4 Perfectly and it Looks Great!


Just got this from GlockStore and installed in my G17 Gen 4. Went in easy as pie. Not sure what the other review was about it not fitting Gen 4’s... it fits great. It looks cool. I’m sure it will also help with smooth slide function.... but did I say it looks awesome? It really does.

pleased with purchase


So I don't know what issues some customers are having but the TIN locking block fits in my gen 4 Lone Wolf Frame, a Glock 21 clone just fine so it should fit a real Glock frame, it is slick you can feel the difference. this upgrade is worth the money and you also have the OEM as a spare.

Flawless fit with great looks.


Fit was perfect, works great, and super easy to wipe of carbon after shooting just like all the other titanium nitride parts I’ve installed.

Good product but not for Gen 4


I read a review where someone installed this locking block in a G19 gen 4. I installed this in my G19 gen 4. Had no problems with the pins but I could not get my slide back on the frame. When I got the slide abou t 99% on, the slide would not go all the way back on. When I re-installed the factory locking block I had no problems with getting the slide back on. I have a Glock24 that I installed this locking block and everything went smooth. I plan to buy another to install in my G17L. Ho[e they come out with this locking block that will fit my G19 gen 4 and my Glock43x

Looks good, Fits good & Feels Smoother !


I purchased this for a Gen. 3 Glock 17. My stock gen. 3 locking block has some miles on it, it's far from new...So when I installed this beautiful work of art, I immediately noticed the difference, on the first time I racked the slide back after install. It is Sooooo much smoother to rack the slide, there is no resistance what so ever. This part may be more of a "aesthetics/cool factor" to some, but I would buy it if you don't have one, Anything to make the metal on metal contact surfaces smoother, less resistance and easier to function is always a good thing in my opinion. Great job Glockstore ! Always paying attention to the little detail things that make a Big difference !