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Tungsten Guide Rod fits Glock Gen4

$79.95 to $89.95
SKU: 1030
$79.95 to $89.95
Improves Accuracy and Speed!
Reduces recoil and muzzle flip!

Our Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod uses the same factory weight springs except on a tungsten body which is significantly stronger and heavier that the factory plastic guide rod.

Available with Colorized Caps — which will be seen under the barrel. Please select color option.

Finally, the SUPER HEAVY Tungsten Guide Rods for your Gen4 Glocks are in stock and shipping. This SUPER HEAVY Tungsten Guide Rod is guaranteed to reduce felt recoil and significantly reduce muzzle jump.

You will be able to shoot faster and more accurately, shot to shot and target to target!

Guide Rod Weights

Plastic weight= 18 grams/0.63 ounces

Heavy Tungsten weight= 53.29 grams/1.87 ounces

Springs are captured on Guide Rod Assembly, completely assembled, ready to drop in and shoot. Installs in seconds … no gunsmithing or tools required.

Watch the videos above!

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273

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Gen 4 Tungsten Guide Rod for G19


Great Product, well worth the Money Spent! Instantly noticeable how much recoil is reduced! Feels like my stock trigger has just a bit less weight to it, which is also nice

21 Gen4 Review.


As with all aftermarket parts, there is always that, "what if" it doesn't work? This is my second purchase of this product. And yes, it works! One was for a Gen4 34 and the other for a Gen4 21. Both make a noticeable difference in felt recoil. As a law enforcement officer, I'm hesitant on changing "Factory" parts due to liability issues. I consider this a reliability item. These seem to be more prevalent in the .45 caliber as in a noticeable difference. Remember, muzzle flip and recoil are two different things. This item definitely works on taming both. Buy with confidence!



Bought it for my big G21 gen 4. I can say it sounds nicer, better and smoother when you pull the slide back and forth. You can feel the quality compared to the stock guide rod. It performs exactly how they say it does and I’m pretty happy with it. Everyone should buy this.

There is a real difference


Great part well made. New guide rod 50 grams vs OEM 20 grams.
I was unsure if I would be able to tell the difference between the 2 springs but there is a slight difference when holding the pistol. The main benefit is when shooting, the recoil is reduced lessening the time for acquisition.

As described


I purchased 2 Gen 4 Tungsten Guide Rods for our 19s. I had a friend who had told me after I bought them, that he had bought 1 and did not notice any difference. He is generally right on the money, so when I received them, I approached them with skepticism and wanted to fully test them side by side. My 19s are factory, and this was to be the first improvement I was planning. I installed 1 new rod and left the other as is. I took them both out back and went through several magazines of different ammo, from factory practice, to reloads, to self-defense ammo. I then had my wife to go shoot them. She did not know which was which and also very much preferred the new rods. Hands down I noted a significant improvement in muzzle flip with the new rod with all the ammo, and experienced no malfunctions, another issue he complained of. (I should add he has had a gunsmith trick his out and I don't know exactly how or what has been adjusted). Money well invested and improved accuracy.

Perfect Glock Upgrade


Amazing Product, Easy Install, Better Proformance. I bought this for my Glock 21 Gen 4 a bit skeptical but interested. I am not the best shooter but not the worst either. First time I put it in i saw a dramatic decrease in muzzle rise and recoil, follow up shots where much closer together as well. Overall I recommend this product for any Glock Enthusiast or those just getting started or dabbling in shooting.

Bad To The Bone


Bring that G20 recoil to its knees. The factory plastic guide rod and weak spring can't hold a jock to this one! Get it; you won't regret it.

Best Inexpensive Glock Upgrade


I installed the tungsten guide rod and Double Diamond 3.5 disconnector on my Gen 4 Glock 19.
Extremely happy with the upgrade!
It made a huge difference in both accuracy and over-all feel when firing the weapon.
BTW .....Lenny did an outstanding job on the double diamond installation video. Super easy to follow making the very easy to install.

Excellent upgrade over stock


Noticeable difference in felt recoil, less muzzle flip in my G22.

worth it


Now in every Glock I own. Balances the gun out perfectly. Adds that little bit of weight to the front that makes the Glock feel perfectly at home in your hand. Makes it easier to transition between Glocks and other brands without compensating and still maintaining accuracy. Significantly reduces felt recoil and muzzle flip. The only negative is my wife likes my G17 so much now I don't get to shoot it as often when we go to the range. Also, this really made her comfortable shooting and for a relatively new shooter keeps her on target and her accuracy is greatly improved.



I received my GEN4 TUNGSTEN GUIDE ROD within four days along with the Thug Plug for my Glock 19 Gen 4 with FS. I live on the east coast so I was impressed with the fast delivery 5 days before Christmas! I will probably be doing it for my Glock 17 Gen 4 and my Glock 30s 45 ACP.

6 star review


6 star review. Improve my grouping at 7 and 15 yards on control pair. This and thousands of dry fire made a differnce

Excellent upgrade!


THIS is a great upgrade!
#1: Adds weight to the front of the pistol.
#2: Quality materials used.
#3: Choice of colors!
#4: Plug and play drop in.
#5: Yes,the recoil/muzzle rise is reduced.

I bought this upgrade for my G 21 gen 4 because I'm a little guy and the muzzle rise was excessive,IMO.The recoil is tolerable. It goes off LOUD and it will clear out the range,on occasion.
As a rookie,I need all of the help that I can get .THIS helps me.So did the Chinesium laser sight.

100% worth it, best quick upgrade there is


Haven't been to the range yet with this installed but the installation was super simple. I can see and feel a difference between this and the OE guide rod. I have always used full length metal guide rods in every handgun I have owned. I have no doubts that this will be the same, more accurate, quicker lock up, and hopefully a little recoil buffing as well.

Well worth the purchase!


Huge difference on muzzle lift on my g40. Makes the gun feel slightly forward heavy (which was the whole point) and it really does reduce the muzzle lift when you fire. Racking is smoother now as well! Well worth the money (and wait, it was backordered for a few weeks).

Does make a difference in feel and performance.


I didn't think it would make a difference on the range, but it does feel nicer and seems to perform better on my Glock 17.

Worth the price


G17, made the slide a lot easier to pull back, grouping seems to be more accurate. Cant wait to install a new trigger to see how the two work together

Tames recoil tremendously


This is a must have modification. After replacing the stock guide rod in my Glock, the weapon is not as snappy. With rapid fire I can re-acquire my sight picture so much quicker. This has made my accuracy and control so much better I am now considering competition shooting. It has given me that much confidence.

Reduces my flinching!


Just installed a standard 17 LB heavy tungsten rod on my Glock 20 / 10mm and immediately noticed a reduction in muzzle flip on the first shot. It now resembles shooting a 45 ACP from a 1911. Well worth the $59!