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Standard Power Tungsten Guide Rod fits G43/43X/48

$79.95 to $89.95
SKU: 1130
You asked for it, and we delivered: a Tungsten Guide Rod for the G43!

Our Tungsten Guide Rod is now available in 2 different spring options; the standard spring, and a Reduced Power Spring for easier cycling of the slide.

Whichever option you choose, the main advantage of the Tungsten Guide Rod is that the added weight helps reduce much of the felt recoil and also makes the gun function better, returning the slide more consistently and thereby improving overall accuracy!

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Ratings & Reviews

15 reviews

Glock 43 Tungsten Guide Rod needs Work


Bought two of the Stainless Steel rods, one of them stuck out as far as the barrel. There’s a screw on the end of it that will help tighten it, but still far. So I exchanged it for another one, with the marching GlockStore barrel to see if that made a difference. Nope. It’s still not flush. Pulled them both out & the Tungsten rod is slightly larger than the stock spring. Note: I have the black Glock 19 tungsten rod & it’s 100% flush & fits perfectly & the recoil reduction is amazing. I wish the Glock 43 was the same way. I personally do not recommend this product.

tungsten guide rod for g43


Spring tension light enough allow slide to creep slightly when trigger is depressed. I've upgraded the trigger and believe trigger pull weight feels less friction with the factory guide rod installed.

Worth it


I actually tried 3 recoil spring assemblies in my search. This is the best. I had a hard time convincing myself to spend the coin on a tungsten RSA. I am so glad I did. I can now shoot my 43 faster than my 19. It comes back on target in no time, ready to go again. Good sights and a good connector help, but I shot the same setup with 3 different RSA and this is by far the best. Fit is perfect. Is protrudes same as stock setup. Soaks up a bunch of recoil. Its 4x as heavy as stock.

It just flat works. Best thing for a 43.

Very Nice Product


I added the standard one, and the 3.5 connector, so I am commenting on both, since I shot after installing both. The weight added by the rod you can feel, reducing slightly the recoil and allowing you to reaquire the target more quickly. The trigger pull is crisper. I have been shooting Glock's since the late 1980's, and I have now shot my very best grouping ever.



FYI folks - I just installed the guide rod in my G48 and it works perfectly.

Made me nervous at first but works great.


When I replaced the factory guide rod with this product it works fine when firing it. But after replacing it and getting the gun back together I racked it a few times and the slide wasnt going all the way forward... made me extremely nervous. After firing 4 mags through it of around 32 rounds all together. I racked it a few times to c if it was due to a break in period and it works fine now. Slide fully engages and doesnt stop short now. Still giving 4 stars due to making me nervous about possibly getting a lemon.. and no there was no misfires while shooting

Glad I Bought This


I am glad I bought this.
I installed the guide rod in my G48 and noticed the improvement right away. It absolutley helps keep the muzzle from raising.

Thanks, Lenny!

Glock 48 parts


Received my new tungsten standard power guide rod along with a 3.5 lb connecter, fired about 100 rounds today and my shot group was reduced almost to half the size as normal, I really like this setup. I'm shooting a Glock 48, both parts were well finished.

You won't regret it


Greatly tames the G43. Absolutely a must have. Shoots like a full size now.

Nice upgrade


Only gave this 4 stars due to it's a little pricey. Now it looks great, got pink for my girlfriends Glock 43, after I installed one in my 17. I'm not sure I have less recoil, but it looks great. It also feels a lot smoother when you pull the slide back. It's worth it just to remove the plastic slider from the Glock, for reliability in my mind. I have ordered my 3rd one today for my Glock 43X.

Works better than the original


I can't say that I noticed a huge difference even when holding them side by side but I do think it's really nice and I've never had a malfunction with it and I put about a thousand rounds through since I've got it. It's a cherry on top for my Glock 43X and with the shield arms mags I'll take all the weight up front from this guide rod I can get.

Works well, took me a little bit of work.


I am writing this as an update to a previous review on this same product. I bought this rod for my G48.
This I felt, was not a drop in product.
At first, the rod and spring assembly did not fit very well. The plate that sits against the lug of the barrel kept falling down out of the semi circle cutout, and the front of the rod assembly refused to seat flush into its section of the slide beneath the barrel.

After some time, some lubricant, cycling of the slide, and a punch, I realized that the front end of the RSA was simply a very tight fit. I had to use some oil and a punch to push the front of the RSA into place. This also fixed the alignment issue with the rear of the RSA.

New personality for G43!


I like my new guide rod. 100 rounds this weekend and I am happy to say the added weight make the gun less snappy. Shooting with one hand is much better also. Rapid fire is improved. If I have to make choice of weight vs. accuracy I will give the nod to accuracy. I was going to go on a diet anyway. Quality fit. Makes me want to shoot my G43 more. Enjoy! Great product for fair price.

Top quality product


Does a heavier guide rod help your shooting?
You decide.
But the build quality, fit and function of these guide rod/springs is excellent.