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Warren Tactical Sights for Glocks

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The Warren Tactical carry friendly night sight set is finally here!
Warren Tactical — Carry Friendly Night Sight Set

This Warren Tactical Night Sight set features a 2-lamp design with one tritium dot in the front sight post and another, single tritium dot in the rear sight just below the traditional notch.

This design enables you to simply "stack" the dots on top of each other to form the figure 8. Both glow in the dark for night shooting capacity. And, by keeping the front post centered in the rear notch you assure consistent accuracy.

Both the front and rear sight are nicely finished with rounded edges to provide a "Carry Friendly" experience so that the sights don't snag on clothing during your draw.

Fits all Glocks except G42/G43

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Warren tactical sight


I really like these sights, easy for the eye to pickup during rapid fire sequences; however, these shoot about 5" high at 20 yards. So I did some research on warren's site and it turns out that u need a different sight height for long slides and compacts...this comes with a .215 front sight and I needed a .245 front sight which goes on the long slides or compacts(mine is a g26). Figured I'd write this to save someone else the $50 it takes to correct "glock store's" it "fits all glocks" statement

Would have been five stars it the gun would have shot poa

Best Glock sights - unobtrusive, great sight picture, awesome night image, less obstructing of field of view


These are my favorite sights for Glocks. There is plenty of light on each side of the front sight, so acquisition is easy and fast. The Tritium lamps are beautiful - bright front and amber rear creates an extremely intuitive sight picture, easy to access in the dark. The shape of the rear sight is less obstructing of the target area, and clears a holster and garment without snags.