X-Grip for Glocks

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The X Grip Magazine Sleeve is a simple yet extremely effective method of providing a better grip on smaller framed handguns.

Please Note: For Gen5 magazines, make sure to choose one of the Gen5 options. Earlier versions will not fit Gen5 magazines and frames correctly.

Please Also Note: Because the X-Grips fits between the bottom of the magazine and the bottom of the frame, they may not work correctly on pistols with aftermarket magwells.

Also may NOT fit Border Patrol Issued Gen5s. Border Patrol Gen5 Glock 26s can be identified by the flat magwell. If your G26 Gen5 magwell does NOT have an extended lip in the front, X-Grips may not work with your gun.

X Grip - The Softer, Gentler Magazine Sleeve 

The X-Grip Magazine Sleeve is a simple yet extremely effective method of providing a better grip on smaller framed handguns. It simply slides over the top of a longer magazine and fills in the gap where the magazine sticks out of the frame. 

XGRIP is made of an elasticized polymer, which means that it is soft to the touch. It feels great in your hands. It's definitely different and better from the original Magazine Sleeve, item #2046, in the way it feels, but the concept is the same. 

Please Note: Not compatible with Gen1 or Gen2 Glock magazines. 

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Ratings & Reviews

32 reviews

The Full Size Feel


Just purchased the "X-Grip" for my Glock 26.It turns a subcompact grip into a full sized grip...!!
I placed the sleeve over a G 34 or G17 magazine.The G-26 now holds 17 rounds instead of the 10 round magazine. ......You gotta love that.....!!!!

X grips


Love the feel of the weapon it gives me a much more solid grip when using the G19 mag. in the G26. Very pleased



I just received my x-grips today. Just like Lenny said, they really improve the feel of a 21 mag in my 30s. I watched the video and thought I'll give it a try. It not only feels better in your hand, it looks like it belongs on the handle. If your on the fence about getting some for you sub, believe me they are well worth it. Thanks Lenny and everyone at The GlockStore!

X-Grips for Gen. 4 G26


I recently purchased several X-Grips to enable me to utilize G17 and G19 magazines in my G26. Since my G26 is a Gen 4 model, both X-Grips for the G17 and G19 magazines had a small space visible between the top of the X-Grip and the bottom of my G26 near the magazine well. I purchased a #17 O ring at Menards and slid it on to the bottom of my G17 magazine and did the same with a #33 O ring for my G19 magazine; I then slid the X-Grips on each magazine and reinserted them into my G26. This minor adjustment took care of the small gap that was previously visible when I used the X-Grips with my G17 and G19 magazines and greatly improved the overall fit and finish and also helped to eliminate the "wobble" typically felt when G17 and G19 magazines are inserted into a G26. Now I can have 15+1 or 17+1 rounds available in my G26 when I need the extra firepower and the feel, fit, and finish of the X-Grips are excellent!

X-Grip G19 to G26


Just ordered my G19 to G26 X-Grip. Very excited to put it to use! I keep my service 19 at work and carry the 26 off duty. I will now be able to carry my 26 with a better grip and higher capacity mag (15 rd rather than 10 rd), all while keeping the sub-compact frame. Perfect product!



If you want to use a 13-round G21 mag in your G30 AND have it fit correctly, look no further. I just received mine, installed it on one of my G21 mags and it fits perfectly!

X-grips Are Famtastic


The X-grip is the best $13.00 I have spent on my G26. The grip adapts a G17 mag to extend the pistol grip of a G26. My first three shots were more accurate than the last 100 rounds. Much easier to control muzzle flip. Feels great in my big hands. These grips look great and function even better.

X-Grip for Glock 39


If you need a X-Grip for your Glock 39, get the 26-27C. Fits perfect on a G38 Mag and looks like a factory fit on in place on the Glock 39. Best add on item in my mind.

Great feel


I purchased one for every G17, 17 round mag I own for my Glock 19, what better control. Highly recommend it, my accuracy is great, it's amazing what getting a great grip means to accuracy.

Would love to find a large mag and grip for the G43, mostly for range shooting, I spend too much time reloading.

Better than expected


Purchased this product, along with G19 15rd mag. Have a match grade G19 threaded 2xDiamond barrel. Put them, with a few other simple upgrades together and have a great G26 with all the perks of a G19. My build, my nirvana.

X Grip


Bought a factory glock 17, 17 round magazine for my glock 19 and the X-Grip. The gun feels better in my hand, easier to hold on to. I have more control and my pattern is nice a tight. Super fast shipping, Glockstore has my business for life. Thanks Lenny!

Great item


I have a Glock 17 and a Glock 26. I use the X-Grip on my 17 round mags for the G26, and the gun looks much more finished and now I have more rounds in the smaller gun. I definitely recommend this over adding one of the other mag grip extensions to the stock 10 round mag because those are always angled and left the back of my palm open. With this I have a more solid feel on the gun. I also got the G19 to G26 version X-Grip for the 15 round mag in my G26 for an even smaller option, it also feels great. FYI, These won’t work on the Gen 5 mags.

makes a great fit


feels great in hand

Great Product!


I purchased two of these to utilize the magazines of my G22 w my G27, love the look and the feel. I want to thank the gentleman that suggested using an O-ring on the magazine to reduce the minor gap between the XGrip and the handle, awesome fit and feel. Would highly recommend. I wasn’t impressed w the way GlockStore handled my order due to one item being backorderded until I reached Jay T. via chat who corrected and handled my problem. He’s a real asset to this company.

Love it


Works perfect on my Glock 26

Ok I guess


These are cool and give you that full size feel. I just wish it didn’t have that big stupid xgrip logo on it. Wish it wasn’t on there or maybe make it small

Go for it! If your thinking you want to try one, buy 4!


Got 2 for my 27 and 2 for my 23. Wasn't sure what I was getting. Had I know how much I was going to love them I would have doubled my order!!! Made a world of difference on the grip of the 27 and boosted my capacity! Win Win!

Absolutely Amazing Idea


I purchased a Glock 27 (40 cal) and tried the mag extender but still found my finger rolling off the bottom of the handle. I purchased a new mag from a model 23 and added the XGrip Sleeve and found it to be the best, most comfortable option on the market. You are cheating yourself if you don't make this simple, inexpensive purchase.



Lenny, maybe reholster instead of placing a loaded weapon under your armpit. but, yeah that Xgrip looks like a great pice.

Great product


Purchased the Glock 17 gen 5 mag with the xgrip for Glock 19 gen 5 and I’m very pleased with it, fits good and tight the only thing is I wish it was plain black and didn’t say xgrip on it but I’ll probably custom cut grip tape over it anyway. Would purchase again!

Perfect extended mag sleeve


Fits perfectly and even keeps your pinky from going into the semi circle hole at the bottom of the grip. Makes the grip feel like one solid handle.

Outstanding product for this Ret. MCPO, USN.


I previously ordered 5 of these. 3 G-17 to 19 and 2 19 to 26 x-grips. I’m ordering to more of the 19 to 26’s. They fit perfectly on the gen-4 mags and in my hand for a better grip.
I highly recommend this product.

Get These


The X-Grip magazine sleeves are great. The design and production of the X-Grips are much better than the Pachmyer/A&G sleeves. The X-Grips fit like they're supposed to and provide a full-sized grip feel for compact/sub-compact weapons.

Stipple it!


These are really nice, I use it on my G26 with 19 mags. I saw someone below stating they really dislike the logo on the grip and I agree. However, I would like to point out that the material is really easy to stipple. I stippled my G26 grip and stippled the Xgrip and it looks seamless. Really seals the deal on these as a product in my mind. There is a small wiggle and bend to the material, but its very unnoticeable.

Adaptable for Gen5 mags.


The baseplate for the Gen5 mags sticks out to far for a tight fit. It will be necessary to cut off the bottom front of the X-Grip sleave slightly. Not too much and not to fast. Dont cut off too much or yourself. Then it will slide on completely.