Did You Know?


We don’t currently have any products or services that have recurring payments. That is a banking term for any billing that is attributed as an additional payment on an open order.

What is more likely is that an item that was on backorder has come in, and we have billed you for it. This may be a small or large item from a multi-product order, which may make it confusing when compared to the total amount of the order.

The good news is always that once we charge you, something that was on backorder has come in and is being processed for shipment.

As we don’t charge you until the product is in house and available to ship, a large order may have two or three “Recurring Billings.”

And, with the on-going supply chain disruptions, these may well be a few weeks apart.

Well, it could be. If we have a momentary shortage in one of the parts used to build the triggers, then the Pyramid Trigger may be out of stock. If so, we would have sent you an email informing you, and we would not have billed you.

Pyramid Triggers are custom made on a per order basis. Depending on the current volume of Pyramid Trigger Orders, they take up to 10 business days to build and test your trigger.

Of course. You can always cancel your order before it ships. But unless you specifically requested to be billed prior to shipping, there will be no refund due to you, since we did not actually bill you.

When you placed your order, your credit card company was electronically notified that we MIGHT be billing you for an order. This is a preliminary step that all online merchants take, and it shows up on your Credit Card statement as Pending or as a Hold, depending on your particular bank.

Because we did not have the item in stock, and we do not actually bill you for it, this Pending Transaction will expire, and any funds your bank has held in anticipation of the billing are made available in your account. This can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days ... again, depending on your particular bank.

While we can only ship guns to a valid FFL holder, even if you know what FFL you’re using (and we hope you do) DO NOT put the FFL address in the Ship To fields when you place your order.

To avoid any delays in your order, please put your regular billing/shipping address in the Ship To fields. There is a separate box in the Check Out page to input your FFL information.

If you do not have an FFL picked out, you can leave it blank or ask that we find an FFL for you.

Our stock levels on various products fluctuate on a weekly, daily, and sometimes hourly basis. Until an order is approved, the stock is not taken out of inventory, so popular products may well indicate they are in stock, when in fact there are already enough orders waiting for approval to push that product into Backorder status.

If a product you purchased goes into a Backorder status before your order was approved, you will be sent a notification. You will NOT be billed for any products that are currently Backordered or Out Of Stock.

Orders will only show up in your account if you were logged into your account when you placed it.

No. Once your order has been approved, we will not cancel it without telling you. It is more likely that we are also waiting on the product, or a component to make the product. We do not normally notify you unless we have new information about your order.

Please write or call customer service to have them change your email address to the correct one.

Our website platform is commonly used for products that are often reordered on a regular basis. This functionality allows customers to reorder expendable products, such as ammo, at the same quantity and shipping methods. This has nothing to do with any backordered products.

We do not route shipments. The carriers we use, currently USPS and FedEX, decide how the packages are routed to the individual customers.

When you purchase an out of stock handgun, your credit card company will place a temporary Hold on the funds in anticipation of being billed by us. When that doesn’t happen the Hold will drop off, in 3 to 5 days depending on your bank’s policy.

When we receive your firearm, we will then bill you for the purchase.

Our responsibility for your package is to get it to the shipper. Once it has left the building, it is their responsibility to get the package to you.

While we will be happy to help in any disputes, we will not summarily replace products that are lost in shipping.

The $40 shipping fee is the firearms shipping method. Often times, when the website estimates the total cost of a product, it will use the last shipping method that was selected. Once you are in the Checkout page, you will be able to choose between the actual available shipping methods.

Glock®, Inc. gives out 20% Discount Coupons for their store. People often confuse us with Glock®, Inc., but we are an independent retailer that specializes in Glock firearms and performance parts.

This could be a number of things. Here are the three most common:

  1. Once a product that has a heavy backorder list has been received, it may temporarily show up as available until the products are allocated to the current backorder list.

  2. Also, many of our products are made to order and do not have “live inventory” as there is never any inventory as, again, we make them to order.

  3. When a product has a heavy backorder list, once the product, or components, have been received, it can take up to 5 business days to process all the order and actually ship them.

There are several stages in the order process, of which Approval is just one.

When your order is approved it means we have verified that you have the funds available to purchase it and the product you want is approved to be shipped to your area.