“Design Your Own” Custom Graphics

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of artwork can I submit?
You can submit any graphic file format, including .eps, .jpg, .tif, .gif, etc.

How big a file can I send?
We’re more concerned about the file being too small than it being too big. Larger files, especially bit-mapped images, will likely produce a better result.

Which types of artwork produce the best results?
Simple black & white images reproduce the best, especially on the Magazine Release and Slide Cover Plates due to their size. Some limited amount of grayscale can be accomplished, but in most cases, black & white images work best.

In general, the simpler the image, the better the end result. Line art, with no gradations, will produce the best images.

Can I send in a picture?
Yes, you can… but it will be converted into a black & white image.

Will I be told if my artwork is not acceptable?
If the artwork you submit can't be used, a GlockStore laser engraving specialist will contact you to resolve the issue.

To submit your “Design Your Own” graphics, please send an email, with the graphic, along any additional instructions or requests to:


Important Note: You must include your Sales Order Number to avoid delaying the order. We will not start on any custom orders without a Sales Order Number attached.

We reserve the right to refuse service for any offensive, disrespectful, or off-color symbols, phrases, or logos.