"Why the Tungsten Guide Rod for Your Glock Will Make You a Better Shooter!"

—Lenny Magill, Founder/CEO, GlockStore.com


Do you want to shoot faster and more accurately with your Glock handgun? Do you want to improve the feel of your Glock by reducing recoil and muzzle flip?

All of this can be accomplished by simply replacing the factory plastic guide rod with the Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod manufactured by GlockStore.com.

Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod

The Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod is one of the most popular upgrades we offer. It is part of our 5 Best Upgrades for Your Glock list, and in my mind, it is the one upgrade that provides the best “bang for your buck.” Without a doubt, the Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod reduces recoil and muzzle flip which allows you to maintain your sight alignment and sight picture… which then allows you to shoot the next shot faster and with more accuracy! It really is just that simple.

When we do gun shows, and we do 8-10 a year, I’ll ask a customer; “Which Glock do you own?”

They may reply Glock 17 or Glock 19 or Glock 22, or any one of the various Glock handgun models. I’ll then ask them, “Have you replaced the factory plastic guide rod?”

More often than not, the Glock owner will look surprised and say they did not know it was plastic. At that point I’ll put the plastic guide rod in their hands and show them that it bends and can break. “Feel the weight of that,” I’ll tell them. “Now feel the weight of this,” I’ll say while offering them the Tungsten Guide Rod.

Every single time, the customer is amazed at the weight difference. And it is a significant difference as the Tungsten Guide Rod weighs 4-5 times more than the OEM Glock plastic guide rod! Now here’s where it gets even better. I’ll continue to explain that the dead weight of the Tungsten Guide Rod under the barrel is what helps reduce the recoil and muzzle flip. And, because of that, you can shoot faster and more accurately. This weight also helps balance the overall feel of the Glock and helps you “drive it” faster!

Sometimes people will ask about the spring weight, and if that will make a difference.

The spring weight does not play a big role in the recoil reduction. I explain that the factory spring weight for a Gen3 Glock 17 is 17lbs. This spring weight is designed to function with all types of ammunition. We do offer a variety of spring weights for most of the Tungsten Guide Rods.

For the Gen3 Glock 17 we offer 11lb, 13lb, 15lb, 17lb, 20lb and 22lb. There are several reasons to consider a different spring weight:

However, in all of these circumstances the Tungsten Guide Rod will continue to function as described above, reducing recoil and muzzle flip and enabling you to shoot faster and with better accuracy.

Now let’s get back to the gun show.

After the full explanation, and feeling the weight difference for themselves, the customer will typically make a purchase and select a Tungsten Guide Rod for their Glock. We offer Tungsten Guide Rods for all models of Glock handguns, including all Gen4 and Gen5 Glocks. The best part about all of this is the next time we see each other, normally at the next show, the customer often makes the effort to come by and let me know how great the Tungsten Guide Rod is, and how much better they are shooting.

Some report that their wife now enjoys shooting their Glock because of the reduced recoil and muzzle flip. It really is a win/win situation. And if they have another Glock or two at home, they purchase another Tungsten Guide Rod right then and there! The proof is in the shooting!

Now here’s some really exciting news!

The Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod has been such a great product that I’ve developed a new version that is even heavier! It’s called the PURE TUNGSTEN SUPER HEAVY GUIDE ROD! It is almost TWICE as heavy as our original Tungsten Guide Rod. Since it is PURE TUNGSTEN, it is expensive… but well worth it!

Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod

Either way, you’ll be ecstatic when you change out your Glock factory plastic guide rod with our Tungsten Guide Rod. And I’ll look forward to hearing you tell be about it when we meet at the next show, or when you visit one of our retail showrooms.

Get your own Tungsten Guide Rod at www.glockstore.com or follow this link: Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod or Pure Tungsten Guide Rod.

Thank you for being a customer and a friend of GlockStore.