"Why Extended Controls for your Glock will make you a better Operator!"

—Lenny Magill, Founder/CEO, GlockStore.com


In the gun business we often hear the words Shooter and Operator.

The term Shooter can be applied to almost everyone reading this article. If you can pull the trigger and have relatively good accuracy, you could be described as a shooter… someone who is better than most with speed and accuracy during a course of fire.

The term Operator is typically reserved for those individuals who display above average skill… not only in shooting the weapon but also in the mechanical controls and operation of such. An Operator is intimately familiar with the parts and pieces of the weapon and how they function. They are also able to demonstrate the physical dexterity to “operate” the weapon in a safe, smooth, and efficient manner.

These skills are displayed in the handling of the weapon. From the moment one picks up the weapon you can usually tell if he/she is an Operator, a Shooter, or just a Gun Owner. This is not to deride any of these groups, especially new gun owners. We all start somewhere.

To be an Operator, one must practice with the weapon of choice and be able to manage the various functions of each control. One way to help you manage these functions, with a Glock handgun, is installing what we like to refer to as Extended Controls.

Extended Controls include the following:

  1. Precision Extended Slide Lock, (also known as the “take down lever”)—This piece helps you take the slide off your Glock for field stripping, cleaning, and maintenance.

    Extended Slide Lock

    It’s about .02" longer on each side and allows you to “operate” the lever more easily and without it interfering with holsters or any other functions. The Precision Extended Slide Lock, manufactured and distributed by GlockStore, is also slightly thicker in design and helps provide better accuracy because the slide and barrel always lock up in exactly the same place. This is as opposed to the factory part, which is stamped and somewhat curved.

    The Precision Extended Slide Lock is machined from 420 Stainless Steel. It is then hardened and coated in Black, Gold, Stainless, or any of several other different colors to allow you to customize the look of your Glock. No matter what color, the Precision Extended Slide Lock will make you a better operator as it allows you to field strip the gun much faster and easier.

  2. Extended Slide Stop Lever (also known as the “slide release”)—This piece is available for all Glock handguns, including the Gen4 and Gen5 Glocks, and makes a huge difference in the operation.

    Extended Slide Stop Lever

    One uses the Slide Stop Lever to release the slide when it locks back after the last shot is fired from your magazine. More importantly, one uses this lever to “lock the slide back” when checking and demonstrating that the handgun is empty and safe. In fact, one can always tell a true operator by the way they handle a firearm when they are not shooting.

    Operators always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, keep their finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard area, and will often check the chamber. When handing the gun to another individual, they will often lock the slide back with the slide lock. The Extended Slide Stop for the Glock handguns makes it much easier to access this lever, especially when one is locking the slide back. With very little practice, you can access the Extended Slide Stop with just a flick of your thumb down to release the slide or up to catch or lock back the slide. And you can do either without adjusting your grip! This item is available for all Glock handguns and also comes in a variety of color options to help you customize your Glock.

  3. Extended Magazine Catch (also known as the “magazine release button”)—This part is now available in many different configurations and colors.

    Extended Mag Release

    The Glock factory magazine catch is very small, somewhat sharp and very uncomfortable to manipulate. When one is attempting to change magazines it is difficult to depress this button. And they usually must adjust their grip to change magazines. This results in slower speeds and in reduced accuracy which suffers as the grip changes. GlockStore manufactures and distributes a variety of Extended Magazine Release buttons that are available in a different shapes and colors.

    The Rectangular Magazine Release is one of the most popular designs. It makes accessing the release button much easier so that you don’t have to adjust your grip.

    Rectuangular Magazine Release

    The Teardrop Magazine Release is the largest button available and works great for those with smaller hands.

    Teardrop Magazine Release

    The Checkered Magazine Release button features old school checkering with modern design and is strikingly attractive.

    All of the GlockStore Extended Magazine Release buttons are available for Gen 1-3, Gen 4, and the new Gen 5 in a variety of colors. No matter what style or color, the Extended Magazine Release buttons will improve your magazine changes and help make you a better operator.

Of course, we have videos to show you how to install each and every one of these Extended Controls, and I encourage you to watch them all on their respective product pages at GlockStore.com.

All of these Extended Controls will make you a better operator in that they are all designed to make it easier to manage the functions of your Glock. However, they do not replace the need for practice. I suggest you practice manipulating your Glock handgun before going to the range to familiarize yourself with the operation, nomenclature, and function of each and every control.

Make sure you use an unloaded firearm and an unloaded magazine. Keep all ammunition in another room, far away from your practice area. And, ALWAYS KEEP THE GUN POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION.

Start by picking up the unloaded gun, acquiring the correct grip, keeping your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard area. Always be hyper-aware of the muzzle direction. Rack the slide, use the Slide Stop Lever to lock the slide back, place the empty magazine in the gun, use the Slide Stop Lever to release the slide. Drop the magazine using the Magazine Release Button, all the while keeping your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard area.

Now, take the slide off the frame using the Slide Lock Lever and then replace the slide. Repeat this several hundred times over the next 2-3 months and you are on your way to becoming a true Glock Operator.

Watch for my video on this same subject on the GlockStore YouTube Channel. I’m Lenny Magill. Thank you for reading and watching.