The Great GlockStore / Nightstick Giveaway

"The most important accessory on your handgun is your weapon light!"

Lenny Magill, Founder & CEO,

Enter now, and often, for your chance to win A CUSTOM GLOCK!

Nightstick's Custom 43x Glock Giveaway

September - G43X
Winner Drawn

October - G34
Winner Drawn

November - G19
Winner Drawn

December - G22
Winner Drawn

Every month, for the rest of the year, we’re giving away a tricked out handgun with the state-of-the-art in weapon mounted lights… the Nightstick!

Entering is easy, just fill out the form, press “Save,” and BANG, you’re entered!

You’ll then see a whole bunch of ways to get EXTRA ENTRIES! Those are important!

Every month, we’ll feature a different Nightstick equipped handgun, all decked out in GS Performance parts, and even more ways to get extra entries!

If you live in a state where you cannot win a modified firearm, we will substitute a similar value, stock handgun and include the accessories!

DECEMBER GUN GIVEAWAY - Glock 22 & Performance Parts - MSRP $1200.00

Glock 22, Gen3 • NightStick TWM 1200 Lumen Light • Double Diamond .40 to 9mm Conversion Barrel • Hiviz Litewave sights • Extended Mag Catch & Slide Lock• Tyrant Slide Stop • Gold Pins & Magazine Baseplates
Pyramid Trigger System • Tungsten Guide Rod • Flared Gold Magwell • Extra 9mm Factory Magazine • Custom G20/Nightstick Holster

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