SS80 Update

It’s been a long road, but we’ve finally reached the end… or is it the beginning?

With the overall build quality, and unique in-demand enhancements usually found only on custom handguns, we firmly believe the SS80 will become the de facto standard for 80% Lowers.

Lenny Magill and the entire GlockStore family want to thank you for your patronage and your patience.

We realize that you will likely have some questions.

We’ve endeavored to answer what we think will be the most common ones but, as always, we invite you to call our Customer Service department for any questions or concerns.

SS80 Q&A

Q.) My Pre-Order had the 80% SS80 lower and the tools to finish it. Will I still receive all the items I purchased?

First of all, of course you will receive everything that you purchased - including any special or promotional items that were offered at the time of your pre-order.

We are Magill's GlockStore and we have you, our customer, at the top of our minds with every transaction!

The SS80 is now available as a frame only. The parts and tool set are sold as a separate item.

For those of you with an existing Pre-Order, you'll be receiving two shipments.

Your first shipment will contain the SS80, and any promotional items that your order may be entitled too.

The second shipment will contain our new SS80 Builder Tool Set. This product contains a jig, front and rear rails, and appropriate drill bits to allow you to complete your SS80 build.

While we're on that subject, now is a good time to order the G43 parts kit and a complete upper as they will be in high demand as the SS80 rolls out.

Q.) I was one of the first Pre-Orders… when will I get my shipment?

We will begin shipping on a "first-in first-out" basis, starting next week.

Because of the manual nature of the split-shipping, these orders will take a bit longer to process than normal. We appreciate your patience during this process.

Q.) Does the SS80 include a plate for serialization?

Yes, there is a blank plate, suitable for engraving, directly in front of the trigger guard.

Q.) I cancelled my order, can you re-instate my pre-order and place in line?

No, when you cancelled your Pre-Order, or exchanged it for Core Cash, you relinquished your place in line.

Q.) I didn't Pre-Order an SS80 but I'm ordering one now. What do I need to order to complete the build?

You would order the SS80, the SS80 Builder Tool Set, G43 Complete Lower Parts, and Glock 43 Complete Factory Upper, and a compatible 9mm magazine.

Of course, if you'd rather build something more "custom," and why wouldn't you, we offer a wide variety of G43 compatible performance parts in the G43 Parts category.

Q.) Can I still exchange my Pre-Order for Core Cash?

No, as previously stated, the Core Cash offer expired once we received ATF approval and began the shipping process.

Q.) Will you be shipping to California?

Yes, the SS80 is for sale in California. However, as California has recently changed their laws about serialization of 80% lowers, it is up to the owner to comply with the current laws at the time of their build.

Again, thank you for your time and especially for your patience… let the building begin!