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Lenny Magill's Top 5 Upgrades for your Glock!
Lenny Magill's Top 5 Upgrades for your Glock!

Lenny Magill's Top 5 Upgrades for Your Glock!

Here you are, with your very own Glock in its official Glock “Tupperware” case. You’ve shot it a couple times, put a couple hundred rounds through it, but now the real question hits you: “What else can I do with this?”

For some, their Glock handgun is like a pickup truck. It’s not the prettiest, not the flashiest, maybe not the most comfortable, but it’ll always do what you need it to do. For others, they want the prettiest, the flashiest, the fastest on the range and in competition. Whether you want to take your Glock all the way there, or somewhere in between, the question becomes, “How do I get from here, to there?”

Here at GlockStore, we offer the best custom services as well as the finest quality parts and accessories, all of which can be professionally applied or installed by our certified Gunsmiths. But we also want your Glock to feel like just that: YOURS. So to get you “there,” we’ve put together a list of 5 of our most popular upgrades that will not only have you shooting like the pros, but that you can install yourself in the comfort of your own home!

We like to call them our Top 5 GlockStore Upgrades for your Glock!

Upgrade 1: Tungsten Guide Rod »