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1791 Optic Ready Multi-Fit Holster

SKU: 3500
1791's Optic Ready belt holsters are made of premium leather for ultimate fit and comfort. Over time, leather holsters conform to your body and are considered more comfortable than Kydex.

The Optic Ready design is just that.....made especially to accommodate modern Red Dot Optics for concealed carry. This is a belt slide holster and it fits snuggly on the outside of the body which
is perfect for kidney-carry position and for those of you who don't want to wear an IWB - Inside the Waistband holster. 

One particular advantage of this style holster is that it is considered a "Multi-Fit" holster in that it will accommodate a variety of handguns with optic. Of course, it fits Glock handguns (we are the Glockstore) and it also fits several other brands. Please see the list below to select the proper fit.

Size C fits:
Glock 42, 43, 43X
also, Bersa Thunder .380; Kahr CW45, K9; Kimber Micro .380, Micro 9, Ultra Carry; Ruger LC9, SR22, SR1911, SIG P238, P365, Ultra Nitron, Springfield Hellcat; Walther PPK

Size 2.1 fits:
Glock 17, 19,19X, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 32, 33, 45, 48
also, FN FNS-9; Ruger SR9, SR40, SR22; S&W MP9, MP40, MP40c, Shield, Shield EZ, Shield Plus, 5903; SIG P225-A1; Springfield XD9, XD40, XDS, XDE; Taurus PT111, G2, G2c, 709 Slim; Walther P99, P22, PPS, CCP

Size 2.3 fits:
Glock 17, 20, 21, 40, 41
also, Beretta 92fs; Canik TP9; CZ 75, P01, P07, P10; H&K P2000; KelTec PMR-30; Rock Island 1911 5" w/rail; Ruger P95, American, 57; Springfield 1911 5" w/rail; Styer M9'A1; Walther P99, PPQ

Size 2.4s fits:
Glock 29, 30, 36, 38, 39
also, CZ P01 Urban Grey, P10c, P10s; FN 509, FNS 40c, FNS40c, FNX 40; H&K 45c Tactical, P2000, USPc, VP9sk, P30; SIG M11-A1, P228, P229, P229c, P320c; Springfield XD Mod 2-4", XDM 3.8" XDMc; Taurus G3; Walther Creed, PPQ, M2, PPW 4", PPQ
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I have the 2.1 black. It is made well. needs a bit of break in, that's good. just fits my G48 mos very well.