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About Lenny Magill:

Lenny Magill is an internationally recognized firearms authority with particular expertise in Glock handguns.

He has produced over 300 instructional and entertainment videos that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies through many distribution channels and via independent distributors worldwide. He also regularly produces instructional videos for the GlockStore Youtube Channel… currently enjoying over 250 thousand subscribers and 50 million views to date.

In 1986, in response to overwhelming requests for access to products featured in his video productions, he founded GlockStore.com. GlockStore currently has over 420,000 customers worldwide. The website receives over 30,000 unique visitors daily and GlockStore.com ships over 1000 packages a day from our California facility.

As GlockStore rapidly grew, to again answer overwhelming requests, Magill opened a retail showroom… initially to accommodate Law Enforcement and Military Personnel looking for a local resource to service their duty and off-duty handguns.

Quickly, the retail showroom became a hub for San Diego police, sheriffs, military personnel and locally based DEA, ICE, FBI and Secret Service agents… all of whom carry Glock handguns. These officers enjoy and appreciate the convenience of being able to get parts and support for their handguns immediately.

In 2011, Magill created the original Tactical Indoor Shooting Range to facilitate the testing of guns and parts. This use has been expanded to offer one-on-one personal training in the safe and proper use of handguns for self-defense, home protection, and competition training.

Today, law enforcement and civilians alike enjoy the convenience, customer service and superior products offered by the GlockStore Performance & Custom. In 2016, close to 1,000,000 GlockStore catalogs were printed and mailed to customers nationwide.

GlockStore currently has over 100 full-time employees; many of which have been with the company 10 years and longer.

GlockStore Today:

The GlockStore retail store has become a “destination” shopping experience… people travel great distances just to visit our store; to see and purchase our unique mix of merchandise and proprietary custom parts and services; and to take advantage of our SHOOT270® shooters education program.

In addition to the superlative instructional staff, and the wide range of progressive shooting courses, SHOOT270® fully utilizes our “tactical” style shooting ranges to offer an unparalleled shooting experience that is both unique and challenging.

Future plans revolve around the expansion of retail/indoor range/training facilities to major metropolitan areas around the country.

The retail store is housed in the GlockStore World Headquarters which is over 50,000 square feet in size and also houses all of the various Lenny Magill businesses.

GSPC & Double Diamond:

Under the brand names GSPC & Double Diamond, we manufacture a number of high performance handgun parts exclusively for the Glock pistol. From the relatively simple (tungsten guide rods), to the cosmetic (engraved slide and magazine cover plates), to the highly engineered (the world famous Pyramid Trigger and the new Flat Face Pyramid Trigger), our parts are respected and coveted by serious shooters around the world.

We have since expanded into making Precision Slides and are now offering Competition Grade Barrels as well.

We own and operate the CNC machining facility and all the equipment necessary to produce these extremely high quality aftermarket parts and accessories.

UnderTech UnderCover:

In addition to the GlockStore, Lenny Magill owns the UnderTech UnderCover concealment clothing brand. He also owns the manufacturing company that produces the clothing line, the San Diego Sewing Company.

UnderTech UnderCover sells a wide range of compression style undergarments with integral holsters. It is a very popular line and enjoys an almost rabid following in its customer base and target market.

Sold through the GlockStore and through it’s own dedicated website, UnderTechUnderCover.com, UTUC products are in everyday use by FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Home Land Security, and undercover law enforcement agents around the world.