Being prepared and confident in the use of a firearm for home or personal defense requires realistic training. It’s a fact that in high stress situations, humans do not magically rise to the occasion, but rather we sink to the lowest levels of our training. At Glockstore we believe we have a moral responsibility to provide ethical & responsible gun owners the opportunity to train effectively with their firearm. Which is why we offer state of the art “shoot rooms”.
With every session, not only will you have the opportunity to rapidly engage multiple targets, but your highly trained firearms instructor will customize a course of fire to meet your specific needs. Other shooting ranges offer “static lane training” which unfortunately does not prepare you adequately to defend your home or loved ones.
The goal of our Shoot 270 Instructors is that you walk out of every session better trained and more prepared! In addition to our monthly shooting competitions and our No Light / Low Light challenges, we also offer a series of Group Classes that are both fun and cost effective.
Whether you are a 1st time shooter intimidated by firearms, or a highly skilled competitive marksman, Shoot270 has a class for you. Just pick a class; pick the day and time; and then complete your purchase online. Once completed, within 24 hours you’ll receive a confirmation of your class and a link to our Range Waiver.
For individual training, please visit Shoot270.com to reserve a session.