Falcon Grips

$3.00 to $12.99
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$3.00 to $12.99
The foundation of shooting fast and accurate shots starts with your grip. If you have a good grip on your handgun, you can then shoot faster and more accurately.

PLEASE NOTE: Falcon Grips may NOT be returned once they have been applied to a firearm.
Now available in four distinct textures — Mild, Medium, and Spicy Hot, and our new Rubber (Rubber only available in Black at this time)!

The foundation of shooting fast and accurate shots starts with your grip. If you have a good grip on your handgun, you can then shoot faster and more accurately.

The Falcon Grips are designed to give you a better grip on your Glock. They are the best of the best: superior materials, excellent fit and function.

The one-piece design allows full and effective coverage of your Glock handgun. This gives you more control of your firearm and enables you to reduce muzzle flip and increase your speeds from shot to shot.

The Falcon Grips gives the shooter the ability to maintain a consistent grip in wet and humid conditions or even if the hands are slippery or greasy. You will shoot more accurately, faster, and more consistent with the Falcon Grips.

Mild: Easy on the hands yet tacky enough to make a big difference. (perfect for self-defense, personal protection, target shooting, concealed carry)

Medium: More texture to give a more aggressive grip. (perfect for competition shooters, law enforcement, operators)

Spicy Hot: 3M material, superior bonding to the firearm, super aggressive texture. (A very aggressive grip texture, perfect for use with gloves or for those in adverse conditions)

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Install and grit


Really like the medium grit. Installation worked best for me centering decal on the center of the gun back strap then start the wrap process. This was the easiest way I found after a few attempts to align it all the way around.
If you have a mag. funnel make sure you trim for it before the decal is installed.

not for me


Don't like the fact that it covers the Glock logo. I made that modification myself. Still a good product.

Great Product


Amazing product. If conceal carrying get the rubber grip unless you want sand paper feeling touching your skin. If open carrying I would go with the grit.

Very nicee


I ordered 3 of these, 2 mild grit (one for my wife's 26 & one for the house 19) & one rubber (my carry 19). I got the rubber one for my carry weapon, because not all of my holsters are full coverage on the inside, & I didn't want the sandpaper effect on my muffin top :).

There are no instructions included, so:
On a Gen 4, based on the Beavertail (backstrap) you use, you may have to trim the finger wraps,and/or the corner for the magazine release. I had to do this with my wife's 26, but not the 19s. A snip with the scissors once it is positioned is all. Pre-fitting before peeling the adhesive will clue you as to if/where trimming might be necessary.

Tip: clean & dry the gun grip with alcohol before applying. Warm both the gun & the Falcon Grip with a hair dryer/heat gun (set to low!). Once applied, make sure all the edges are down tight, & grip the gun in various positions (and with both hands) to make sure that there are no loose edges to catch or get dirt under them.



I swear there is less recoil when you put these and shoot. It grips your hand more than you think. I’m happy with it.

Far superior to the other maker's promoted grip.


Have the heavy version on my 19! Far superior to the other generally refereed to adhesive grip cover. Really works and gives a no slip purchase. Recommend them highly. Was going for stippling but after installing them,..no need. Wish they did have a hole for the Glock logo,..but really not necessary.

Love it


Much better grip. Easy to install after watching the installing video

Works fantastic and easy to install


Picked up a set for my 21sf. Really easy install and if you have ever put a decal or sticker on anything in your life you wont have an issue getting this on. Mine fit perfectly and didnt need any trimming or adjusting but do double check magwell and release clearance before you stick it down. The texture on the medium grit is great and after throwing the gun around a bit and abusing the grip it holds up well so long as you cleaned your firearm before installation. I absolutely recommend this to anyone considering a stipple job. This is cheap, quick, and not permanent but works just as good.

Mid Grit grip for my Glocks


Have add a Mid Grit to my G22, G27 and G42 - they do the job very nice. Was wondering what size would go on my G44 (22 Cal. G4)?

Long Lasting and Assist in Recoil Managment


I have had these on my G19 and SIRT for over 8 years and they are awesome. People underrate this accessory. If you are applying the right grip, these Falcon grips will make a difference with recoil management. It really makes a difference. Love these!