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G43 Complete Lower Parts Kit

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Assembled by the GlockStore for the SS80, each Complete Lower Parts Kit includes the following Glock Factory Parts:
• Trigger w/ Bar
• Trigger Housing
• Trigger Spring
• Trigger Connector
• Trigger Pin
• Trigger Housing Pin
• Slide Lock & Spring
• Magazine Catch & Spring
• Slide Stop Lever
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Installation directions should be provided


I got the kit and found that it also includes the locking block which is not included in picture or the parts list. I had to return the locking block I ordered RMA was quick and easy. Installing the parts into a frame was not obvious in some details as the Lyman book 4th edition says it covers the Glock 43, but the assembly and disassembly directions are totally wrong in the order of installation. It didn't take long to find the right order of assembly, but some guidance would have been helpful with the parts or in one of the famous videos that Lennie provides.

Great all in one parts kit


All parts fit individually packed and even came with locking blue block. Which Lenny said you don't need with. They include one with the kit.

Great value for the dollar all in one kit.