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Glock Multi-Purpose Backpack

SKU: 6219
The Glock Multi-Purpose Backpack is the ideal balance between capacity and transportability.

Featuring 4 unique storage areas and a compact design, the Glock Multi-Purpose Backpack is perfect to use as a daypack, range bag, or laptop case.

This backpack is extremely functional, incredibly durable, very attractive, and features the Glock logo!

• Built-in multi-position holster.
• Premium back-relief panel design for maximum comfort during extended use.
• Internal organization system for securing tools and other items.
• Reinforced Velcro webbing and heavy-duty non-rust zippers.
• Hydration-pack compatible.

Dimensions: 18"x11"x11" with 4 Storage Areas
Made of 600D Polyester

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Do all little pack.


Ok. Back ground, Im a retired 28 yr Military Vet who appreciates tactical bags and bug out gear. With that said we all know that if the pack is larger we always seem to add maybe one more thing, and another until your quick day bag weighs 25lbs or more. This bag is not 10 stage collapsible or over sized. Its compact but suitably sized for daily outings, First responder gear or go to self defense stash and carry. I would have given it 5 stars but my wife made a point... She loves the pack but coyote tan and Black are ugly in her eyes. While Im cool with the given colors I believe you have a broader market if you get gray, Navy, beige or red . She may have a point. She is a PhD

Tougher than a new pair of "croot boots"


Life is about choices. One year ago I bought this bag and I can say it was a very good pick up. This bag is my security blanket of choice for my needs. Light enough to attach to a seat back and not be straining of the material. Small enough to not be noticed as a tactical bag, while having the ability to handle some weight that I probably shouldn't have tested it with but, oh well. Ladies and Gentlemen this is the coolest gift you could buy your Glock lover for there birthday !

Bad Ass bag


My wife bought the tan bag for me. I like bug out bags. I have a sling bag. But this bag is great and will carry anything I need. I found that my AR pistol will fit in it.

Hard-wearing, Perfect pockets, Perfect Day Bag, B.O.B.


Saw this at a local gun shop and picked it up immediately. It is the same style as some "Amazon special" bags I have gotten before that fell apart in short order. This thing is tough and functional. Perfect size and format for me. This is my day bag that goes everywhere I do, or at the least remains in the truck close by. Holds every EDC item I prefer to carry and more. Would buy again if the one I have now ever begins to fail. (I have had my current bag 2+ years and with daily use is no worse for the wear!) Glad to see it is still available and figured I would drop my review.