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Nightstick Sub-Compact Weapon Light and IWB Holster Combo for Slimline Glocks

SKU: 1263

Get the latest Concealed Carry Light/Laser Combo for your Glock 43/43X… and holster molded for a perfect fit! 

This combo includes the Nightstick Sub-Compact Weapon Light and one of our Molded Kydex IWB Holsters for the Glock 43/43X with the light installed. 

Looking for just the Nightstick Sub-Compact Weapon Light?Click here 

Need an extra holster?Click here 

This holster is made with a very strong belt clip that is easy to put on or off. It is designed to be worn IWB by simply tucking your holster inside the waistband, while placing the clip over your belt.

Please Note: The Standard 43/43X option will NOT fit the G43X Rail. Please select the 43X MOS option if your 43X has an accessory rail under the barrel.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273

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Nice Product!!


The laser/light fits and looks so nice on the 43x I love it! Super easy to install but I do feel like it could fit in the holster alittle better. Don’t get me wrong it fits good but it fit in my other kydex holster before I got the light just a little better. It also comes with a combination trigger lock for when it’s charging that I did not know about so that’s a plus. Good job on this GS!



Excellent quality for the price! Recommended!

Great light holster combo.


Got the light holster combo during their limited time sale and got both for 100 dollars. Nightstick fits perfectly on my 43X MOS as advertised and is easy to put on your weapon. Was hoping the actual light would be a little brighter but is adequate to have as a rotation home defense weapon with a light. Laser is easy to sight in.

The big gem in this bundle is the holster. Gun and light fits perfectly in the holster and can confirm it does have retention so you can count on your weapon not falling out while carrying. For a basic polymer holster it is comfortable to wear appendix carry and does a great job of not printing assuming you wear the appropriate clothing for the best concealed carry you can do.

Overall I would recommend this combo, especially if you can get it on sale like I did.Pretty nice to get a light and a holster for that specific light especially for a Glock where it is harder to find a light, let alone a holster for it.

Second time's the charm!


[UPDATE] Spoke to a rep to spent time trying to help me with this product. Easy to access and re-holster. I feel confident in my shots with the light and laser. Excellent service, excellent product. Definitely recommend!