$249.95 to $280.00
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$249.95 to $280.00

The new Micro Conversion Kit is even more awesome than the last!

Originally designed to improve one-handed shooting, the new MCK features a longer brace for greater stability, and ergonomic improvements over the original design.

No disassembly for the kit or your gun is required for installation! The Charging Handle is captured in the MCK for simplicity, and the external Slide Stop Lever buttons have been replaced with a cutout, so you can easily access your Glock Handgun's Slide Stop Lever.

The front Foregrip section has been updated to be even more comfortable for different grip positions and even features a slot for storing an extra magazine.

Best of all, one MCK will fit multiple Glock models! Just adjust the integrated Barrel Shroud to fit your handgun's slide/barrel length.

Available in four options:
• Glock 17/19/19X/22/23/31/32 - Fits Gen 3/4 & Glock 17/19/19X/45 Gen5 - DOES NOT FIT Glock 22/23 Gen5
• Glock 20/21 - ONLY Fits models with the Glock Rail.
• SIG P320 - Fits Full-size & Compact models, DOES NOT FIT X-Series, M17 or M18
• S&W M&P 2.0 - Fits Full-size & Compact models in 9mm & .40S&W, does NOT fit earlier model M&P

This item does NOT fit 80% frames.

NOTICE: A ruling by the ATF as of January 31, 2023, states that if you place a handgun into the MCK, the handgun must be registered as an SBR using Form 1 found on the ATF website here:


NOTICE: The MCK Stabilizer is not legal for sale in California or Connecticut. Please consult all applicable laws in your state before purchasing.

Please Note: We are discontinuing sales of this version of the MCK Stabilizer. All sales are final and only exchangeable in case of defects. Some colors will not be available.

The RONI is well known worldwide as a way to turn your Glock handgun into a carbine or short barreled rifle.

This new MCK allows you to take advantage of the performance without registering the unit as a short barreled rifle.

That's right, with the Stabilizer unit there is no paperwork necessary to install and shoot your Glock in the MCK device. The MCK reduces recoil significantly and allows for much better accuracy and faster speeds. We encourage you to watch our videos for installation and shooting instruction.

For the complete MCK experience, check out the accessory kit:
RONI/MCK Advanced Accessory Kit
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Ratings & Reviews

16 reviews

MCK Gen4 stabilizer is the best conversion kit ever


I ordered mine directly from CAA, haven't been to the range yet but I'm sure it wont disappoint. Better then the last version. Hope they'll be coming out with some new muzzle shrouds and breachers for this model like there standard SBR version does.

Great investment


Got this from the Glock Store and works great on my G17G4 and G19G5. I had to take my medium back straps off to get the weapons locked in the MCK-the locking tab will not engage. Taking the guns off was challenging as it was a tight fit. Its easier when I push the gun fwd then engage the release tabs and pulled back. Pay attention when installing the gun-you have to push it straight forward otherwise it will catch the sides of the channel. you’ll notice this right away when the gun jams as you push it forward while installing.

Great Accessory For Your Weapon!


Put my 19X in and I couldn’t believe how accurate this is with the Sig Romeo 5! This thing ran with No problems. Used a 50 round drum and it is the most fun I’ve had with Weapon in a Long time!! You have to have one!!



This is the real deal! Looks Great and shoots like a dream! This MCK is awesome can't say enough good things about it. Shot 200rds. though it with my G19 Gen4 it functioned flawless and accurate. Made the steel plates dance and sing. Used a red dot on it, shot faster & more accurate than ever. It will make you look like a pro. It's the perfect combination and loads of fun! Get while you can. Support the NRA.

It will fit the P80 frame with some gentle Dremel work.


Just received my MCK for a G19 built from a poly80 kit with a custom Rock fluted slide and threaded barrel. When ordering I was concerned whether the extra half inch of the threaded barrel would fit when the barrel shroud was extended to G17 length.

Barrel was fine, but the P80 trigger guard was a mm too wide on each side to fit into the unit. Some gentle Dremel work on the flared lower portion of the P80 guard and some bits of the MCK, and loosening the screws holding the two halves solved that. Then I saw the Rock slide had only 5 serration grooves while the MCK was designed for 6, so the extra tongue made the captured bolt of the MCK bulge slightly.

Lube and repeated working of the MCK charging handle after loosening the screws got the action sliding smoothly. Have not yet had an opportunity to test fire it, but it seems to be a good, if tight, fit.

Bottom line: works with the 940C frame if you are willing to do a bit of careful Dremel milling of the frame and the MCK.

MCK comparison with Micro-Ronni


MCK Micro Conversion Kit is vast improvement over Micro Ronni which I also have. and it cost about half what I paid.. It does everything the Micro Ronni did only a lot better with no hangups and issues. The white light from the Ronni works on the MCK. Everything on Micr-Ronni is transferable to MCK. Micro-Ronni only adapts to one specific pistol, where as the MCK adapts to a whole family of pistols, like Glock. The weak side hand placement works without a special thumb rest. Thumb rest from Ronni works on MCK if you want. Shoulder strap attaches on either. No pistol brace extension needed. MCK uses pistol's slide release so no mal-functions like Ronni. The only thing the Ronni has that the MCK doesn't is a trigger guard flap which many users did not like anyway.. The MCK cost half of what I paid for Ronni and accessories.

Fantastic addition for any shooter..


Excellent conversion kit to extend your G19 out to 100M with ease. Light. compact. well-built, and so very easy to install your Glock. I highly recommend some extended mags as you will love running all the ammo you can. I also recommend the upgrade kit with light, thumb guards and sling. Even the wife likes getting her hands on this one at the range.



I love the MCK but the red color is off a bit and not like the picture. People ask me if its pink and I say no it's supposed to be red. I have the red extended controls in red and they dont match the MCK at all. If you want red, I'd buy it at the store and not order online. The device works great but the color is the only thing I'm disappointed at

Returning customer


Ordered the MCK from GlockStore. Came in a week later. I also ordered a 50 round drum mag at the same time. Both products came brand new in box, shipping was fast a easy. I will be using Glock store again, and recommend to all. Thanks guys!!

Get this if you want to knock out the red center!


I tired this on my G17...wow!....Knocked the ten ring out nearly everytime at 30 feet. Used a red dot and/or a bull green dot laser....piece of cake! What a difference the additional points of contact make to stabilize the weapon.

Love it


Got it today looks a feels great can’t wait to get out to the ranch a put some lead down range

Good PDW for the price.


The only real problem I have had with the MCK is that the plastic pin on the lock gate broke. I fixed it with a steel roll pin. Otherwise, it has been really fun to shoot with.
I built a Polymer80 G19 specifically to keep in the MCK. There is a little machining to do on the Polymer80 lower to make it fit, but it's simple to do. Also added 2 ETS 30rd mags to increase the fun time.

MCK great Invention


Just got my MCK and it is awesome. It has turn my Glock 22 into a stabilization platform. And I can add accessories to the picatinny rails. Great for home defense. Or doing some plinking. Great invention.

Awesome platform for Glocks 👍🏼


I was skeptical at first of this platform I was slow to order. What sold me was I can use different Glocks. I put my G22 in there and took to range. It performed flawlessly and the accuracy with flip up sights was amazing, Get one while you can the increased accuracy alone and conceal ability is why government don’t want you to have it.

Get One


Man I have had one of these for atleast a year now. I bought it in a bundle where I got all the attachments but the light and sling and it came with a 50 round drum it was for my glock 19 gen 4, at first I was having problems with it but it was all human error just not putting the gun in correctly. I have mastered it now no problems ever I put a Sig Romeo 5 on it and it's a monster....even the 50rd drum I have is still very reliable last time I went shooting dumped 50 out of it no problems at all. I Highly Recommend these MCK'S!

Love it, but wouldn't work with my Tru-GLO rear sight.


I bought one of these MCKs from a gun show and love it so far. The only problem I have with it is I had to take off my rear sight and replace the original Glock sights in order for it to properly fit. I had the TruGLO TFX Pro Tritium fiber optic sights on my Glock, they extend out too far to properly seat in the rear sight area on the MCK and will cause the Glock not to lock into the MCK. So, just be sure your rear sights are close to, or are the original sights if you buy one of these and it will fit perfectly flush.