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Custom Firing Pin Safety Plunger Spring

SKU: 1135
Reduced Power Custom Firing Pin Safety Plunger Spring lightens trigger pull.

Our reduced power Custom Firing Pin Safety Plunger Spring has been specially designed to meet our exact performance and reliability specifications. The reduced power of the firing pin safety plunger spring will improve the feel of your Glock trigger by reducing the tension caused by the firing pin safety plunger while still maintaining safety standards.

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The answer to a really bad trigger.


After buying the double diamond 3.5 connector and watching and reading all I can twice, I was so disappointed to not get any difference in the trigger at all. The reset was shorter, but the pull was worst than with the stock connector. Then I bought the competition trigger spring. Amazing... Then I put the upper back on and still a heavier than stock trigger. The problem was how heavy the g21 sf plunger spring is. This spring is the answer. If you want to have a really nice trigger but not wanna pay for a pyramid trigger, get the 3.5 connector, competition trigger spring and this custom firing pin safety plunger spring. Try it. Its super light, short reset, and very easy under 10 min install time for all 3. The best is the combo is only like 30 bucks plus shipping. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants more out of their glocks. Please glock store make this combo for the g42/43!

Great upgrade.


The spring is defiantly lighter than stock and seems to work great.

No-brainer upgrade

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I just installed this in a Glock 35 which already had a aftermarket safety plunger but still had a disappointing trigger pull. Installation was trivial and took maybe five minutes.

For a series of ten trigger pulls, the spring changed the pull weight as follows (Min/Max/Avg):

Before: 5:14.7 / 6:11.6 / 6:5.3
After: 5:14.2 / 6:8.0 / 6:2.8

This is still not where I would like the trigger to be, but for the money it’s a good upgrade. Also, the numbers don’t tell the whole story — the trigger pull seems smoother with this spring.