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Double Diamond 3.5 Pound Connector

SKU: 1049
Quite simply, the best 3.5 lb. connector on the market today! It's lighter, crisper, and more consistent… pull after pull. Guaranteed to improve accuracy and speed!

Watch the installation video online now!

Fits all Glocks including Gen3, Gen4 and Gen5, except Glock 42/43/43x/48. 

For Glock 42/43/43x/48, click here
After years of research and development, we are pleased to offer the Double Diamond 3.5 lb. connector for Glocks.

Once you perform the easy "do it yourself" installation, you'll immediately notice the lighter pull, the crisp release, and the consistent feel.

The Double Diamond connector is coated in NP3, resulting in a dry lubricated, low friction surface that is both extremely hard and wear resistant.

With the all new Double Diamond 3.5 lb. connector you'll INCREASE your accuracy by DECREASING the amount of muzzle movement when you pull the trigger. It really is that simple!

Fits all Glocks including Gen 3, Gen 4 and Gen 5, except G42 and G43.
For the G42/43, click here

This is a GlockStore factory product, made to exacting tolerances, and we stand behind it with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Glock connector


Best Glock connector around. I prefer these over the ghost because the Double diamond makes for a lighter smoother trigger pull.

A must have !


I really could not believe that just one part the Double Diamond Connector would transform a horrible stock Glock trigger pull into a smooth decent pull... I can actually concentrate on the target now rather than trying to compensate for a hard rough trigger pull... my groups have shrunk * instantly * ! ... Good on ya Mr. Magill ..!!!!



I purchased this connector for my G-19 with some skepticism as I have tried a competitor's connector and was disappointed... but I thought that Mr. Magill does not sell garbage so I installed it and OH MY.... My trigger is now smooth, lighter and predictable... I highly recommend the Double Diamond Connector.....

Great Trigger Upgrade!


I was deciding between this and the Ghost connector and I'm very happy with this product. I have never tested the Ghost connector so I can't compare then but this trigger will not disappoint. I would not recommend for duty carry but absolutely perfect for range or competition shooting.



When I installed the Double Diamond 3.5 pound connector on my Glock 19 and pulled the trigger (after safety check in a safe direction) I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE.... So I wrote a review BUT now I have to add to that review because my wife wanted to experience the difference and she immediately ORDERED me, I mean REALLY ORDERED me to get one for her G-19... and so I did and installed it. She is a very very happy camper... thank you Mr. Magill !!

Must have for Glock 17


I put this connector in my Glock17 and finally took it to the range. What a difference! This isn't hyperbole, this connector made the trigger lighter, more predictable and even throughout the length of the pull. It greatly increased my accuracy in two ways. First I don't have the issue of the last bit of travel being so tight that it pulls the gun off target, and secondly it completely eliminated flinching when the gun doesn't fire when expected. Buy this, install it and see for yourself!

Trigger relief


I love how smooth and light the pull is now. Like a new gun all for the better. My Glock is Gen 1 and had some wear. Improvement was expected and this part delivered.

3.5 connector Install


Just finished the 3.5 pound connector install ! Very easy to do after and during watching the video.
THANKS LENNY for the very good instructions during the vid you are the man !!! Off to the range, Cant wait to see how it works. Thanks again for the great video.

Freaking awsome, but be patient at first


I was really excited about adding this to my G19. Lenny's video was a great help. Initially, I was kind of bummed because my trigger felt just as stiff as before. I was so concerned that I bought a trigger pull tester (but not the nice NRA kind that Lenny has). To my dismay, the trigger pull with the upgrade was no better than before. After some dry-fire practice and a trip to the range, everything changed and I can attest that this trigger is everything it's advertised to be — I freaking love it.


#1. Buy this. You'll thank me.

#2. Give it some time to wear in.

This is a nice addition to the glock


This certainly helped my G19 out in terms of lightening the trigger and reducing travel. It works as advertised.

Double Diamond


Great addition to my new Glock 17 Gen 4 have not shot the gun yet but I can feel such a difference in the trigger pull can not wait till I get to shoot it.... will let you know when I do

Incredable upgrade


Installed my new double diamond 3.5 connector over the weekend with zero problems.

Took my G23 to the range today and words cannot describe how amazed I was by the
difference from the factory trigger.

A smooth, crisp trigger with less of a reset also.

Fantastic item and a must have.

Great upgrade


This little part made a huge difference. The trigger is smoother.
A must for Glocks.

The best trigger mod for a Glock


The install is easy. The reset after installation is ridiculous. My shots are so much faster now. The best modification for shooting you can make to a Glock. And for just $25?!?!? Cannot beat it.

Great Connector - Thumb's up!


Installed the DD 3.5# connector and could immediately notice the cleaner, crisper trigger pull. I should note that I installed the DD 3.5# connector in a Gen 4 Glock 19 which I had already installed a IGFS trigger/trigger bar in, and a IGFS 4.5# connector, which worked well but I wanted my trigger pull just a tad lighter. ALL trigger components had already been polished to a mirror finish with a Dremmel tool (with felt polishing discs) and Flitz metal polish. Once I determined that the DD connector was compatible with my other trigger components, I removed it and polished that too. The trigger pull now is super smooooth, and doesn't 'stack up' before it breaks. It pulls clean to the rear, (3.25#-3.50#), breaks crisp & clean, and the reset is positive and quick. The trigger pull isn't 'mushy' either like I've felt on other Glock pistols that had 'trigger jobs' done. A+ product.

Double diamond 3.5lb connector


I picked up a used gen 3 22, it never seemed to break where I expected it causing me to jerk the trigger putting all my shots low and to the left, I took it home broke it down and saw the obvious wear on the trigger bar and factory connector. After spending hours reading about after market parts and different ways to diy your trigger job I decided on the double diamond, a factory trigger bar, and the glockstore.com competition spring set. Installations where quick and pain free, everything was a direct drop in! Now my shot groups are all on target no more mush in the trigger it has a clear and audible reset that's crisper than a cobb salad and it breaks in the same spot shot for shot. The glockstore.com competition spring set gave me more than enough options to choose from and the feel of an aftermarket trigger that can't be beat. I would highly recommend these parts together for anyone looking to restore their factory glock or anyone just looking for that perfect trigger on a budget.

Piece of Cake


AT first i was a little nervous about taking the trigger group out, after seeing the video below, it was very easy to install, i think it took me all of 4 minutes , I love the reset and i can feel less resistance on trigger , does what it says it will do.

Great; especially when combined with the 6lb Competition Trigger Spring


Installed the Double Diamond 3.5lb Connector and the 6lb Competition Trigger Spring in Glock 40 MOS. Really improved feel of the trigger while maintaining audible reset.

3 out of 4 worked perfect


I have 4 Glocks. I tried one of these connectors for my Glock 19 and was so happy with it I ordered 3 more...one for my Glock 17, 26, and 30. Installed one in the 26 and worked great. Installed in the 30 and it also worked great. However, installation in the 17 presented a problem. The gun fired when you pulled the trigger AND when you released the trigger. I got on Live Chat and talked to Jay. Great guy BTW. He explained that sometimes one comes in that is not exactly right. I understood as I have seen the videos on YouTube of this exact same problem. Jay IMMEDIATELY sent me out a new connector...no charge. I offered to return the defective one and he said no sweat, keep it. Great parts and great customer service. You can't beat Glockstore. I won't buy from anyone else.



I've tried different connectors for my glock, but this one takes the prize. Instantly noticed the difference, I love it and will buy more when I get my other glocks. 10 out of 10



Works better then the others I have. 👻 Zero malfunctions.

Lighter trigger & easy to install

by -

I’m really glad with this purchase. After installing the double diamond connector, I have noticed a lighter trigger pull compared to the factory connector. If you have punch tools installation is extremely easy, plus there is a video if you have no idea what you’re doing. I do not have a device to test how much the current pull is but it is significantly better than factory and I can’t wait to test it out next time I go to the range. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to reduce their trigger pull.

It's a SNAP!


My G23 & 26 felt spongy. The take-up felt like a rough road. Then felt like a second stage take-up. Then a spongy feeling before firing. With the DD, the take-up was smooth up until the stop, then SNAP! Reset was nice and snappy. Bought one for both guns. Definitely no more of that slight "hand shake" when purposely pulling the trigger very very slowly. Amazing how one little small piece can give a gun a total different shooting characteristic.

Huge Difference with the Trigger!

by -

Installed this on my G30 and it makes the trigger pull silky smooth. Highly recommend installing this on every Glock!

Double Diamond connector is a winner


I decided to test some different connectors in a new Gen 5 17 6 connectors in all
The Double Diamond connector easily produced the cleanest trigger I have ever fired in a Glock The take up was reduced to minimal, the break is clean and the reset is very short.
Great piece of kit