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Custom Thread Protector

SKU: 2221
Add a little bling to the sting with these custom thread protectors. CNC machined from firearms grade aluminum alloy, they are both extremely strong and incredibly lightweight.

Currently available in 1/2x28 — with more thread pitches coming soon — these little gems come in an astounding array of styles and colors. From the eclectic Celtic Knot to the whimsical Revolver Cylinder, you're sure to find one that's just right for you and your gun.

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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

Word of thought.


So I recently purchased this for my threaded barrel and it didn't come with a rubber 9mm O-ring (for my G-19) to prevent the thread protector from backing out when shooting at the range. So the longer I shot the more I would have to stop let my barrel cool down and hand tighten it back down. I feel if Glockstore.com where to add a bag of 1-5 rubber O-rings with this product, it would eliminate the problem and also allow people not to have to use lock-tight witch destroys your treads. I don't think this wouldn't break the bank on either side. Cheers.

Another Thought


The product appears to be another quality dress up for your shooter and is full of warm and fuzzies while doing what is intend. Thinking outside the box, the slightest drop of blue will resolve all issues and better than a distorted 'O' ring. GS does it as good as it can be done. Thank you

Red Locktite


Locktite Red is for parts that will be removed. Locktite Blue is for more permanent assembly

Thread locker correction


A O ring of 70 durometer will work for quite a while to secure the thread protector.
If you choose to use thread locker, DO NOT USE RED THREAD LOCKER, it requires 300 degrees + to remove it! Blue may be used but it will also require some strength to break it free.
I use PURPLE thread locker for such things and also for scope ring screws, it is effective yet still easily disassembled with proper tools.
Not sure why anyone with any knowledge would tell you any different, hope this is helpful.

Solver honeycomb cap


Item is as described fits perfectly snug on my double diamond barrel with no play, item does not give off a hard shine has a pretty look to it