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Double Diamond Threaded Barrel for Glock Gen1-4

$169.99 to $239.99
SKU: 1001
$169.99 to $239.99

Extended Length Threaded Barrels to accept a Ported Compensator or suppressor. Thread Pitch Measurements are in Additional Information below.

Each barrel includes a Thread Protector with purchase.

These barrels are for Gen1-4 will NOT fit Gen 5 models.

The "30" option will NOT fit the G30S.

Twist rate for the Rifling in all Double Diamond barrels:

9mm - 1/10" Right Hand

10mm/.40 - 1/16" Right Hand

.45 ACP - 1/16" Left Hand

Barrels may only be returned if they are unused and in resellable condition. If the item is defective, ie, does not function, we will accept a return within the 30-day period only.

Not available for export outside the United States.

GSPC match grade replacement barrels are manufactured from the highest grade 416R stainless forgings. CNC machined and heat treated, providing a life time of service and unparalleled accuracy at an affordable price. The standard groove and land rifling make this an excellent choice for those who wish to shoot lead plated or jacketed bullets. Can be used in factory ported or stock pistols. 

Thread Pitch Measurements: 
• 9mm (17, 19, 26, 34) - 1/2x28 
• .40S&W (22, 23, 27, 35) - 9/16x24 
• .10mm (20) - 9/16x24 
• .45ACP (21, 30) - .578x28 

Special features include: 
• Ready to use, pre-fit, drop-in 
• No gunsmithing required. 
• Precision machined from heat treated 416R stainless forgings 
• Oversized lock-up area produces greater shot-to-shot accuracy 
• Tighter than factory spec dimensions 
• Polished feed ramp and bore 
• Match grade broach cut rifling and target crown 
• Fits Glock Gen 1-4 (does not fit Gen5) 
• Maximum chamber support 
• Improved feed ramp design 
• Diamond turned exterior 
• Okay to use lead, plated, or jacketed bullets 

GSPC will replace any of our barrels or barrel accessories which are found to have manufacturing or material defects. Customer modifications or the use of reloaded ammunition will void this warranty. 

Please note: In-stock availability of our GSPC barrels may be limited. If your order is time sensitive, we recommend contacting us to verify quantities. 

The G19 barrel will fit Gen 5 models. 

The G17 barrel will not fit Gen5 models. 

The "30" option will NOT fit the G30S. 

Not available for export outside the United States. 

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273

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Bed will be buying more


Fits great for my Glock 34 gen 4 looks great!

Outstanding BARREL and Customer Service


Outstanding service great barrel. Due to tight tolerance I had to install the slide with magazine well pointing to the ceiling (upside down from normal) I had to call customer service to figure this out thanks John N. Only fired about 25 rounds thru new barrel but I am very impressed with how the gun feeds and much better accuracy than OE. Polished ramp is amazing!!!

Noticeable difference


Works great noticable difference in accuracy along with my other mods in my gen 3 g22. Good buy.

Great quality


Fit perfectly and works great in my G19 gen 3

Best Group I Ever Shot!


I build competition level firearms for 3Gun, USPSA, IDPA, and IPSC. I'm not easily impressed and don't usually take the time to write a review for purchased components.

I expect 2" groups out of most pistols. And today, that all changed! I took a new 3Gun pistol to the range for its first test firing. One of the used components for this Glock 34 was a Double Diamond threaded stainless steel barrel.

I walked the Vortex Venom shots into a bullseye setting and then fired 3 rounds on a fresh target and checked it out. I then fired 7 more shots and ended up with a 10 round 1" group! For me, that's the very best group I've ever had with any pistol!

All future builds will have this barrel!!!



With the stock 10mm barrel I had a 5" pattern at 20 yards. I now have a 3-4" pattern. I am waiting on my stamp for a can and I have the slide in for weight reduction cuts and a RMR cut. This will be a hard hitting race gun.

Sharp, Stylish, and Functional


I am that weirdo who wants a subcompact with a (long-ish) threaded barrel.
This (stainless) looks great on my black g26 p80, which originally had a flush crown stainless.
The quality far exceeds the barrel that came with my Patmos Judah g26.
I removed a star for two reasons: the barrel is a bit long on the g26 by about 1/4", purely an aesthetic issue, and more of an issue is the fact that the thread protector comes loose all the time, even if not shooting! It needs some kind of high heat nylon or rubber washer to keep the protector on. I bought a gold thread protector from GS, but it didn't help any.
Currently I am using several layers of high-heat teflon and that works reasonably well. So be advised, get some teflon tape.

Very nicely Made - does not like lead rounds.


Bought the SS threaded barrel - Fit perfect in firearm and I test loaded normal ball ammo and it cycled fine. However, Lead nose rounds (bear loads) jam each time and do not feed properly.
Kind of disappointed as I bought this for my Alaskan pistol. I haven't fired it yet, but I have no worries about it eating normal ball ammo.

Great Barrel


Great Barrel out of the Box
No Issues whatsoever.
The O-ring story is mind boggling, if you shoot your Gun a lot an O-ring will distort or even melt and make a mess, just a bit blue Loctite will take care of it, also Loctite make's a stick which is even better.