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Glock Dot #5 Connector

SKU: 6301
The Glock Dot #5 Connector comes standard in the new Gen 5 Glocks and provides a 5lb trigger pull.

This connector will work for all generations!

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The perfect Glock connector


I've been going back and forth between the standard connector and the minus connector in my Glocks. The standard connector requires more pressure to break the trigger than I like, but the minus connector has too much built-in travel. Then I found the dot connector. Apparently introduced to help tame the trigger on the Gen4 pistols, the dot connector is awesome in the Gen3 and Gen5 Glocks, offering a reduction in the pressure of the trigger pull, with almost no creep. These come with a black coating I've never seen before, so I installed them as-is. With the chrome ones, I touch them up with a little Flitz, and install them with a little Lucas Extreme Gun Lube. Along with a little polishing elsewhere in the trigger assembly, this gives me the perfect tactical trigger setup.

Best Connector out there.


This is the best set up I have found. Thanks for the recommendation Glockstore, I will be ordering more of these.

My favorite connector.

by -

Installed one of these in my G19 ( after a good polishing). Smooth pull, not mushy at all, and has a crisp break with a good audible reset. Reduced trigger pull a lot over the stock 5.5 connector. Buying more.

Great value


Bought to replace the Glock “-“ trigger connector in my G26 as I felt that over time it was a bit light .
Installed myself and i’m very happy !
It is crisp as is, nice smooth pull and when it breaks it has the snap echoing sound that to me sounds great !
No gravel sound , no slow break but a crisp, expensive sounding and feeling break . Very happy .