Glock 48 - 9mm

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The comfort and ergonomics of the Glock 19 meet the slim profile and concealability of the Glock 43, in the new Glock 48!
Featuring a smooth, Gen5-styled frame with no finger grooves and reduced width, the Glock 48 is purpose-built for concealment and comfort.  The increased frame height also allows the use of a 10 round magazine. Please note that these magazines will only fit the 48 and 43X, due to the unique frame sizing.

The 48 also includes improved slide features such as the nPVD coating in silver, front serrations, and the Marksman Barrel introduced with the Gen5 line.

This culmination of proven design and Glock innovation make the 48 a fine example of Glock Perfection. 

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The Perfect Crossover Compact 9mm


Love the 48! Being 6'3" I have really long fingers. My support hand thumb is far enough back from the muzzle on the 48 for me to be comfortable shooting it. This is not the case with the 43 for me.

In my hands it feels like a 9mm 1911. Nothing against Glock, but I have never been a Glock guy. I have never been excited for a Glock release. Ive owned a G3 19 for awhile, but I actually lost sleep over the 48. Its a full size gun that feels like a subcompact.

With more rounds its lighter than my previous EDC (rhymes with field). It also has a 4" barrel, meaning better hollow point expansion and a full hand grip. Im impressed, way to go Glock! The 48 is the perfect crossover compact pistol IMO.

Great Job Glock!


I had some range time with a G48 last week at a low light training session. I went out and purchased one the next day. This is the best hand fit I've had in a pistol in years. Both my unsupported strong hand and off- hand accurracy improved immediately. The pistol shot between 6" and 8" groups out to 35ft out of the box. Tis will definately be my EDC after a few more accessories are developed.

Give the 48 some much needed attention


I was sold on a 43x, it was everything I wanted in a edc gun... I went to purchase it and seen the 48, fondeled it for a while.. 43x for a while... wow to me, the 48 just feels right, I like the size of it, just feels a lot better than the 43x did to me... get both in your hands before making your decision...

Smooth as butter


Tested this a a birthday party at the range. I went the next day and bought this amazing weapon. It shoots so smooth and accurate. Five stars for Glock 48. One of the best pistols I have shot ever, this includes my military background and also being from a country background. Smooth as butter. I suggest you grab one or two.

For me, the perfect EDC


I saw it when I stopped to look at a 43X. The 48 felt, to me, like the perfect answer to the 19 I rarely carried. I did have a 43, bought at it's introduction, but it always felt like just maybe not enough. I traded my 43 for the 48, it fits all my 43 holsters, and even with only four more rounds, it just feels right. Glad I made the purchase.