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Gen 1-4 & Slimline Glock Extractor w/Loaded Chamber Indicator

SKU: 6200
This is the newest design of the Glock Factory Extractor featuring the LCI - "Loaded Chamber Indicator" that allows the user to visually see and feel in the dark that a round or cartridge is inside the chamber of the barrel. This part fits and functions in all Glock handguns - be sure to select the Glock model you need. 

It is an upgraded part that is now standard issue in all new Glock handguns and can be used as a Factory upgrade or replacement part for extractors in older model Glocks that
do not incorporate the LCI feature. 

The design of this parts allows you to visually and manually verify if there is a cartridge in the chamber of the barrel. 

For a Gold Titanium Nitride coat version of this part:
Click Here
Please Note: When upgrading from the old style Extractor, the Spring Loaded Bearing also must be changed.

The design of this part allows the operator to visually and manually detect that a cartridge is in the chamber. One can see the small shelf protrude from the slide and also feel it in darkness when a cartridge is in the chamber.

GEX02-A — 9mm/.380 (15°) w/LCI (use only w/2714 Bearing)

GEX02-B — .40S&W/.357 (15°-5°) w/LCI (use only w/3439 Bearing)

GEX02-C — 10mm (15°-5°) - G20/G29 - w/LCI (use only w/3442 Bearing)

GEX02-D — .45ACP (15°-5°) - G36 only - w/LCI (use only w/3442 Bearing)

GEX02-E — .45GAP (15°-5°) w/LCI (use only w/3439 Bearing) & .45ACP (15°-5°) G21/G21SF/G30 - w/LCI (use only with 3442 Bearing)

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Excellent Extractor Design. The Way It Should Be


The Glock Extractor with the loaded chamber indicator is the way all Glock extractors should be straight from the factory. All it takes is a quick rub of your finger or thumb along the extractor to tell if the chamber contains a round or not. It's a perfect safety feature, and once one is acclimated to it, it's a requirement in the pistol.