Hard Chrome Finish

$150.00 to $250.00
SKU: 9014
Hard Chrome creates a more durable finish known for its lubricity and superior wear characteristics. This finish is most commonly used to revitalize blued, stainless, or older well-used handguns.
GlockStore Performance & Custom now offers a new finish for your Glock or other firearm that will set your gun apart from all the others on the range! The look of HARD CHROME stands out from all the blued or parkerized pistols. Hard Chrome offers the best all-around properties of any finish available for firearms that exists today.

Hard Chrome, when applied to a steel or stainless-steel surface will not chip or peel. Make no mistake; Hard Chrome is not Bumper Chrome. We are not talking about thick layers of softer Chrome made to flow and eventually peel.

GlockStore Performance offers HARD CHROME finishes in several styles: SATIN Hard Chrome Finishes are a light grey and completely non-reflective, SHINY Hard CHROME is a very reflective high polished mirror-like finish.

All of these finishes are very durable and will last throughout the life of your firearm. They do require extra time to apply the coating, and polish to customer specifications, the SHINY Chrome requires a minimum of 4-6 hours for our Gunsmiths to hand polish each slide. Slides with custom machining such as GlockStore’s Raptor, Ranger or Predator cuts will take a bit more time to complete, so please allow for more time for delivery.

Please contact your GlockStore representative for more details and shipping information.

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