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Magpul PMAG for 9mm Glocks

$15.95 to $21.95
SKU: 2771
Magpul PMAG 9mm magazines for Glock Pistols.

• High visibility follower
• Long life stainless steel spring
• Flared easily removable floor plate
• Dot matrix panel for marking and identification of magazines
• Durable, lightweight, and extremely stiff polymer construction
• Drops free loaded or unloaded

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 800-601-8273
This item is not available for export outside of the United States, American Territories, or Possessions and Protectorates.

Due to legal restrictions, these magazines are not available for purchase by civilians in the specific states listed below:

LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONALS: If you live in a state that has magazine capacity restrictions, we can ship High Capacity magazines to your residence or department address upon receipt of your LE credentials and driver's license with address that matches the ship to address.
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Cheaper for a reason


The plastic feels alright, if a tad unfinished. The spring is average tension for the most part. What really hinders this mag and has me worried is when unloading by hand it catches each bullet on it's way out. I haven't experienced a bad load when firing with it yet but there is a reason this magazine stays with my range-only gear. If you want some inexpensive mags to burn through at the range then this will do the job, but do not purchase this thinking it'll be a backup or primary mag for any EDC setup.

Good mags


I have 5 of the 21 round pmags. I was skeptical at first. They have no metal liner, so they have polymer feed lips and they are much lighter than factory mags. I bought them as training mags to keep from beating up my expensive aluminum mag extensions when on concrete. I have about 3K rounds through them now, and countless drops on hard surfaces (usually partially loaded). Have not had a mag related malfunction yet. They drop free every time, even empty. They also come apart super easy. I like them. I still prefer my others because they hold 2 more rounds and I’m used to the feel of them, but I totally trust these.