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Precision Extended Slide Lock for G42

$19.99 to $29.95
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$19.99 to $29.95
Precision machined (not stamped, like many of the slide locks on the market) for the Glock 42!

Our GSPC Precision Extended Slide Lock is machined to be thicker and more robust than the factory part and is guaranteed to deliver better accuracy by letting your barrel and slide settle into battery more consistently, allowing you to be more accurate shot to shot.

We machine this precision part here in the USA from 416 Stainless Steel that is hardened to 45 Rockwell. It is slightly longer than the factory which makes it easier to grasp when removing the slide for disassembly and cleaning.

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Very happy with extended slide lock.


What a huge difference! So much easier to field strip my pistol now. Was thrown for a second when I noticed that the slide lock on my 42 was held in place with coil spring instead of a leaf type shown in the videos. Super easy to switch it out. Just push down on the slide lock with your index finger. Use your thumbnail (same hand) to shove it sideways. Grab it from the other side keeping pressure on the top so you don’t lose the spring (little wiggling helps). Once it clears one side of the frame you can tip it up slightly to take the pressure off the spring and pull it completely clear of the frame. Reverse steps for new one. Took me like 30 seconds to switch it out.