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Precision Extended Slide Lock for G42

$14.99 to $24.99
SKU: 1131
Precision machined (not stamped, like many of the slide locks on the market) for the Glock 42!

Our GSPC Precision Extended Slide Lock is machined to be thicker and more robust than the factory part and is guaranteed to deliver better accuracy by letting your barrel and slide settle into battery more consistently, allowing you to be more accurate shot to shot.

We machine this precision part here in the USA from 416 Stainless Steel that is hardened to 45 Rockwell. It is slightly longer than the factory which makes it easier to grasp when removing the slide for disassembly and cleaning.

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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

Very Nice and much needed...


This was the first product I bought from Glockstore... This slide lock level doesnt stick out "too" far, but, just enough to where it really makes a huge difference when taking your slide off. Extremely easy to install. Just watch the video and you'll have this installed in seconds... I do recommend you will want the Glock disassembly tool which will make this like cake installing, however the Glock assembly tool is really a "must have" item" because that single tool will help you with just about everything else you will do with your Glock in the future... So invest in a nice comfortable one they have to offer here. You won't be sorry... I got the cheaper one which works like a beauty, but am going to get the Dynamic that Glockstore offers just to have for more comfort... and to hotrod my tool for my Glock...

Thanks Glockstore!!!



i own 6 glocks and have changed the slide locks on 5 of them. The video is quite informative and makes the job really simple. however, they failed to mention that the G42 does NOT have a leaf spring that you can depress to change this part. It appears to have a regular coil spring underneath the slide lock making it much more difficult to get to.

We need a video Lenny!!


The GS is by far the best place to by all your Glock stuff. One of the reasons are Lenny's fantastic installation videos. The video for the installation of the extended slide lock (all models EXCEPT 42/43) is fantastic and made my install effortless...even enjoyable on my 17, 19, 21 and 26.

However, there is no leaf spring in the 42/43 to depress. How do we get that damn thing out?

Help Lenny Help.....and Happy Thanksgiving!!


Stainless Slide Lock


Part seems sturdy and sticks out just enough to make it much easier to release the slide when breaking the gun down.

extended slide lock


Just bought the precision extended slide lock for G42. Had it installed at the store. Took them just a couple of minutes. It makes it so much easier for me to operate. Great purchase and great service. Thanks Glock Store.