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SI Enhanced Magazine Plate for Glock 43

SKU: 2616
The SI G43 EMP is a great addition for your EDC!

This after market Glock 43 Extended Magazine Plate (G43 E.M.P) design provides smoother, faster magazine reloading, handling, and enhanced ergonomics with its low drag / no snag design.

It provides multiple functions to include additional 2 rounds, and extended grip surface for better weapon handling.

Please note: Does not fit the Glock 43X or 48 magazines. 

Also note: Due to recent changes made by GLOCK™ to the G43 Magazine, newer magazine version may be unable to load the +2 advertised capacity due to an additional spring coil added by GLOCK™

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews

A Good Addition


Easy to install, looks great, adds 2 rounds & provides needed additional grip.
I like it, I recommend it!

Last round is a struggle


I installed these on two of my G43 mags. One mag failed to feed the last round several times the other performed well. The added grip is awesome but will print if you OWB carry. I have since replaced them with the Double Diamond mag extension +1, no fail to feeds and no printing.



How I fixed the tight last round in extended magazines. The factory follower
has a wide lip around the bottom that will hangup the spring when using exteded
magazine. After I filed a 60 degree angle around the lip toward the inside of
the follower, it allowed the spring to slide into place so not to hangup. This
worked well with the E.M.P + 2 ENHANCED MAGAZINE PLATE. So when the last round
is insereted there should be a spring downward of about 1/16 to 1/8th when done.
I hope this helped, it worked great for 3 of my magazines. A must buy for extra 2 rounds.

A must have!!


I recently purchased a G43 and quickly realized the extended floor plate it came with was a joke, so I took a chance on this +2 plate and it's excellent!! For the price you cannot go wrong, trust me!!

Finally a mag extension that works!!


So I have tried many mag extensions for my Glock 43, This is the only mag extension that has lived up to the promise to take 8 rounds and run them flawlessly thru. I have seen complaints about not being able to get the 8th round in, this is due in fact to having a twisted spring, need to make sure all twists are out. Other than that issue, the mag extension does everything that is stated. I have tried several in the past with all sorts of issues, this was the first out of box experience that lived up to its statements. Comfort was exceptional, and I am able to load this mag by hand without the aid of a loader, most extensions require a loader to get that last round in. This does not!!!! I bought 3 of them for my Glock 43 mags, each one worked well, just need to make sure when doing the assembly that any twists in the stock spring need to be removed!!

Great product great value


Great price and functions great. Took it to the range and fired 200 rounds with no problems. Adds better ergonomics and 2 rounds a win win!

2 more rounds can't hurt !

by -

I have dealt with several mag extensions. This is this the cheapest by far. It looks so close to the factory grip, it looks oem. Cycles ammo just fine. Ordered them for all my 43 mags.

Great grip, but only +1


This replacement base plate is fantastic for grip. The G43 grip is so short, it can be hard to get a draw from CC. This part fixes that, my draw is much smoother because I feel like I can get a perfect grip every time from CC. The extra length does not make the gun too long for CC - still very easy to hide.

Only 4 stars because, at least for me, this is really only a +1 mag. With 2 extra rounds I had a lot of misfeeds. Sometimes I would get misfeeds racking the first round and sometimes I would get a misfeed when the gun cycled the second round. However, no problem at all if you just run it as a +1. That is disappointing for sure.

I would recommend opting for the x-grip (also available on this site) with the longer magazine instead (which gives you +2, no need to replace base plates, and no issues with misfeeds); however, if you are are on a really small budget, like I am, this is a good option.

TIght seamless fit to the base of the gun's grip

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I tried one each of every G43 mag extension the GlockStore carries. This one is by far the best, so I've ordered more of these and I'm scrapping the others. These fit very tightly and seamlessly against the base of the gun's grip. There's no gap to bite you (my wife had a particular problem with one of the alternatives doing that).