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SI Rear Sight Rail Adapter for Glock

SKU: 2090
A great solution for Red Dot Sight systems.

This innovative picatinny rail adapter uses a combination of the factory Dovetail and an aftermarket slide cover plate (included) to lock securely in place, assuring your sight stays right on target. 

Screw-in, ambidextrous Charging Handle is sold separately and available here.
The SI GSR is a lightweight, ultra sturdy, inexpensive solution for shooters wanting to add a picatinny rail system to their Glock but don’t want to have to spend a huge sum of money to have one custom installed. 

It's perfect for mounting most Red Dot Sight systems. The universally sized rail allows you to mount any sight of your choice, screws to adjust height, and a back plate (Back Plate Locking System) to secure the rail and eliminate any movement from vibration.

Order Online or call Customer Service at 800-601-8273 
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Pretty awsome, fallow my install directions though!


Was sceptical of this design.
But after having it on the weapon with the charge handle, it's actually pretty stout and reasonable especially if you dont have access to a cnc or ability to drill/mill your slide.
I also enjoy the fact that they put the dots on the back of the rail you can paint and CO-WITNESS the iron sights while a red dot is on! Super cool design.
Except do not tighten the big back screw first.
Do the dovetail set screw and level set screws and tighten back screw last