Slide Removal Tool

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The Slide Removal Tool fits all Glock models with standard and extended slide lock
The Slide Removal Tool fits all Glock models with standard and extended slide lock. Engages the slide lock and provides a mechanical advantage making slide removal easier and faster.

For those with large fingers, small fingers, tired fingers, anyone looking for a way to simplify the removal of your Glock slide.

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Works great!!


This tool is a godsend for us old geezers with neuropathy and/or arthritis in the hands. No longer is it a painful, near impossible experience to remove a slide from a Glock. This handy tool makes it a snap to do. I bought two of them in case one wears out, but there isn't much chance of that happening. It's a very sturdy tool and should last a lifetime. I highly recommend this to anyone who has trouble removing the slide from the frame.


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Just got it in and wanted to use it immediately...yay but it didn’t turn out as I thought kinda wore down already from many attempts....and Don’t get me wrong very useful and the concept is excellent but not a 100% success rate with using the tool and yes I could just work on my finger strength, but I also my fiancé is have a hard time using it so... Definitely Need a better way to disassemble my Glock. And yes watched countless video just don’t have the finger strength to get the job done with tool or with out. Extend slide lock ordered. Awesome product!!!!

Great for larger models - needs work for small models


This tool works great for my 34 but it is too wide to be used easily on my 42. I am buying another tool and using my Dremel to slim it down.



I've go arthritis in both hands which made me choose a Glock 45 because the grip felt soooo good. Then it came in and I couldn't field strip it. DARN! Then I saw this tool and ordered it. FANTASTIC. Now I can field strip it. I got my 45 just about a week ago and ordered this tool so I could do an initial cleaning and maintenance before my first trip to the range. It came so quickly I'm stoked and ready to rock. I'll probably order another one just because I don't want to ever not be able to care for my Glock and this one made me so happy. Now it's ready to ROCK the GLOCK!