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Spartan Operator Sights for G42/G43

SKU: 2573
Sight set available with green tritium lamp, Orange or LumiGreen outline front, and two tritium lamp, black outline rear for Glocks.

Designed to be highly visible under all lighting conditions.

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Amazing Sights


I've had these sights on my G43 for quite some time now. They are simply amazing! The orange front sight tip helps one to get on target and get that sight alignment much quicker than your standard sights. The tritium glows extremely well and are a Trijicon product. Sights are very tough and durable. I carry my G43 with these sights daily!

All around great


These are great. Slim front post allows for better accuracy farther down range, the outline pops during the day and the tridium inserts glow perfectly at night. These are made of steel, so great for 1 handed operation as well if necessary. Honestly, the only difference between these and the trijicon is that they are hollowed out steel instead of solid. Well that and 50 bucks. Unless you plan on using your rear sights as a hammer go ahead and save the 50 bucks. Well worth it!