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TLR-6 Light/Laser for Sub-Compact Glocks

SKU: 2021
The perfect defensive Light/Laser combo for your Glock 26, 27, 33, 42, and 43. Small, lightweight, made to fit — like it grew there!

Powerful 100 Lumens of white LED light with a laser visible to 100 yards!
Streamlight nails it with the perfect light/laser combo designed to fit and function on both the G42 and G43 (and now the Glock 26, 27, 33!). It's lightweight and very small, just 2.3" long x 1.42" tall and .85" wide, yet it features an extremely bright and focused 100 lumen LED light to enable you to blind, disorient, and identify your target. It also includes a build in, fully adjustable laser visible to 100 yards that can be used for rapid target acquisition.

• The on/off switch is ambidextrous switching (push-button on both sides) to access three modes: Laser only, Laser/LED combo, Light only
• All modes feature a 10 minute auto shut-off to conserve batteries
• Batteries can be replaced while light remains mounted on gun; no need to re-sight laser after battery change
• Uses two CR1/3N lithium batteries (included).

**Please Note** This Product is the Light/Laser Only. The Light and Light/Holster Combo can be found here.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Fabulous add on for 42.


This is an excellent add on for a 42. Extremely simple to activate. You preset it for your choice of light/laser/or both. Just push the button on either side.
100 lumen is perfect especially for when something goes bump in the night.
Ideal for less experienced shooters. Push the button and, if necessary, hold on tight and pull trigger. No muscle memory necessary. IMHO, this makes the ideal
home defense weapon. Holsters are available.

Great compliment


Received my light from a local gunsmith after having the light shell cerakoted. I have the 80% lower for my G43 project. Upon first fitting the laser/light to the frame it was loose and I feared I wouldn’t be able to use the accessory to its fullest potential. I modified the trigger guard with some electrical tape to give the light more material to grip on to.

Note to anyone who has the 80% frame for your builds. If you are wanting to add this particular light to your project; you may have to do the same as well

A Must for Glock43's


This addition is everything I wanted in the light/laser attachment; small, sleek, bright a$$ light. Looking forward to taking this out on the range and seeing how far the laser will actually go.



43X , great flashlight and laser pretty accurate super easy install. Overalls worth it

Amazing product!


I originally bought this for my G19 but then I decided to try it on my G2C and it honestly felt the best on my G2C. I now have a reason to look into getting the TLR7 or 8 for my Glock, still haven’t made up my mind but I expect to soon be in the market for another light. Thank you GlockStore for an easy purchase and fast shipping process I will definitely be back for another purchase or purchases.