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The Original Belly Band

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The Belly Band is the most versatile and most comfortable method of concealment available!

It can be worn with just about anything; suit and tie, jeans and T-shirt, gym shorts, and even a bathing suit!

The best value for concealed carry available!
The Original Belly Band is made in the USA of heavy duty elastic with a velcro closure. It has two ambidextrous slots: one for a semi-automatic pistol and one for a revolver. It has a 6-inch pocket which conceals important papers, cash, credit cards, as well as a slot for a spare magazine.

It works great with medium and small frame revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. It is pictured with a Glock 19 but will easily accommodate a full sized Glock 17, 22, 21 and all of the mini Glocks fit as well. It will even work with all of the popular self-defense handguns including 1911, SIGs and Beretta.

You can discreetly and comfortably conceal your handguns under a variety of shirts and sweaters.

This holster is completely demonstrated in the Concealed Carry Videos.

Sizes are measured by waist, in inches
• XS: 24-27
• SM: 28-32
• MD: 33-36
• LG: 37-40
• XL: 41-45
• 2X: 46-52
• 3X: 52-60

Made in the USA with 4" Surgical Grade Elastic, machine washable.

How To Care For Your Belly Band: Machine wash in cold water. Lay flat or hang to dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not use fabric softener.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

Doesn't get any better!


The Original BellyBand is my "go to" concealment method. I have worn the BellyBand carrying a Glock 26 for years (I can't even remember when I started using it - I've owned my 26 since 1992 and love it!). I'm a small frame female and as you all know, it can be challenging sometimes to conceal. I have other holsters that I use and while they work well, I really love the BellyBand and use it 95% of the time. I see other brands / newer versions with retention straps, etc. however, the "Original" works the best for me. It is comfortable, easy to wear under jeans, sweats, dress pants, shorts... easy access to your weapon and secure. I wear mine kinda low under the waistline area / high hip, with my Glock 26 on the right hip. They wash well (hang to dry to preserve the elastic). FYI - I'm a size 4/6 jeans and wear the size Small Original BellyBand.

Love it!


I bought my belly band almost 5 years ago and it is by far THE BEST conceal holster i own. You can carry just about any full size or compact. Semi or wheel gun. And the slot in the rear of the belt makes for great wallet/valuables concealment. Iv worn it under suited, gym clothes, you name it. Great product and I HIGHLY suggest it!

Great for office environment


I've struggled with a conceal solution for office clothing. I wear a suit but I cannot stand wearing a jacket all day. All waistband solutions left either massive printing or part of the grip exposed. With the band I wear it under my dress shirt around my stomach.

It is comfortable and I feel secure that my gun will not print or fall out.

Original Belly Band


Loved mine but lost allot of weight since I first bought it so tried to sew it back the same length the velcro is but now it's kind of tight so decided to just get another size instead. This way I'll have two, one I can take stitches out because I'm always gaining and losing and hopefully this new one won't be as snug as I've sewn the larger one to be. I love it because I don't wear belts and this is so well hidden under blouses, T-Shirts and dresses.



This is my backup holster when I don't feel like putting on pants/shorts with a belt, AIWB holster and a dual mag pouch. It works great when wearing athletic shorts, sweats, or pj's when taking a walk to the mailbox or a quick trip for some take out grub. I do wish the center pocket had a second slot in it for another magazine since I usually carry 2 to 3 reloads with me and extra magazines are not too secure when not in that slot. Would gladly pay a little extra for that feature. But as stated in the title of my review, GREAT.

Best holster yet


This has to be the most comfortable holster I ever had!! Highly recommended. I own lots of other inside the waistband holsters. This one doesn't pull your pants down and, I can wear it with gym shorts. Plus you can't be the price.

Not for the Fuller Figured


I am a plus size man of 60. The Belly Band holster NOT in my opinion a good system for someone of my size. It definitely does NOT feel secure enough for my taste, and the gun protruded to the point that it was blatantly visible. Again - I am a larger than average man. I like a good strong holster system for obvious reasons. And this ain't it. I was afraid that my Glock 30s would slide out from just ordinary movement. I much prefer the butt pack concealed carry pouch I purchased a year ago. If you look like Lenny Magill, then the Belly Band might be for you. I do not look like Mr. Magill. If you're an older, plus size man like me, take my advice look elsewhere.

Absolutely LOVE It!


I have been struggling to find a concealed carry option that would work for me. I don’t like a tight belt and that is pretty much a must for 98% of the options out there. I received my belly band today and wore it all afternoon. WOW!!! Concealed carry is now something I can do.

Great for my Backup gun!


I've worn these for over 20 years, I carry my Glock 27 as a back up to my Glock 22C or my Glock 23C, with a Glock 15 round magazine next to the gun. The extra magazine will work in either gun, and you can wear the band High or Low. I always carry Two guns, and the band gives me an extra gun and full size magazine that stays hidden.

Best first holster!


I carry a Sig P320 carry 9mm. I bought this band in 2015, and I still use it today. I am just now thinking about replacing it just due to wear and tear. It’s so versatile. It will not hold my Ruger LCP2, but it will hold my revolver I have. It works very well and I have no complaints about it. I may look at upgrading now that I have a dedicated pistol that I carry with, however, the Glock company has my business and highest recommendation for their belly band holsters. The only thing I would change is placing a magazine pouch inside the left handed holster. Thank you for producing such a quality product Glock!