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Belly Band w/ Retention Strap

SKU: 4035
Available in Black Only.

The same great concealment as our Original Belly Band, now with extra retention!

Sizes are measured by waist, in inches: 
XS: 24-27 
SM: 28-32 
MD: 33-36 
LG: 37-40 
XL: 41-45 
2X: 46-52 
3X: 52-60 

The Belly Band is the most versatile and most comfortable method of concealment available. You can wear it in almost every situation! 

Whether you dress up for the office or go to the gym, The Belly Band can be there, totally concealed and ready! It's made in the USA of heavy duty elastic with a velcro closure. It has two ambidextrous slots: one for an automatic pistol and one for a revolver. It has a 6-inch pocket which conceals important papers, cash, credit cards, as well as a slot for a spare magazine. 

It works great with medium and small frame revolvers and semi-automatic pistols!

It is pictured with a Glock 19 but will easily accommodate a full sized Glock 17, 22, 21 and all of the mini Glocks fit as well. It will even work with all of the popular self-defense handguns including 1911, SIGs and Beretta. You can discreetly and comfortably conceal your handguns under a variety of shirts and sweaters. 

This holster is completely demonstrated in the Concealed Carry Videos. 

Sizes are measured by waist, in inches: 
XS: 24-27 
SM: 28-32 
MD: 33-36 
LG: 37-40 
XL: 41-45 
2X: 46-52 
3X: 52-60 

Made from machine washable, 4" Surgical Grade Elastic. 

How To Care For Your Belly Band:
Machine wash in cold water. Lay flat or hang to dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not use fabric softener.

Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Please fix this issue Glock!


This belly band is a great product reasons of the retention strap idea. Please order a size or two down. It runs big plus it's already elastic. The only issue with this belly band is that the velcro bites and rubs through the underneath shirts that I have on. It is really irritating especially to wear for long periods of time. Plus it seems to damage the shirts as well. Especially compression style shirts.

Belly Band w/strap works


Purchased the Belly Band w/strap for concealed carry when exercising. G19, or G23 ride more comfortably than my G26 in appendix carry. They all print a little. Extra mag pouch is a nice bonus. Pocket useful for carrying my permit, and I could see using this when wearing a suit. Great product, and price!

Love it Love it Love it


I had previously been using the "Bulldog" brand bellyband and while it worked, it just felt inefficient. It was really "big" (very wide top to bottom) and the gun sat a bit too straight up and it cause the slide of my Glock to dig into my waist.

I got this figuring I'd just try something else. It is night and day. First, it's not so wide (top to bottom) and that makes it easier on your waist when sitting. I also noticed right away that my Glock 43 sits differently. While the photo shows it standing straight up, that is clearly for the sake of the image. The gun actually leans back slightly which is PERFECT placement for not only concealing, but sitting. The gun no longer digs into my side when sitting and rather, feels as though it's further "south" and sitting in a very comfortable spot.

I highly recommend this band. I may get another as a spare. Fantastic product.

Great package


Received my holster today and tried it on. I ordered the 3xl thinking that it may be too small, ( I have a 67" tape waist). Fit perfectly! Put it on under my sweats and a t-shirt and didn't print at all! Will be ordering another one soon but smaller. Retention strap is a plus. Holds my se9ve perfectly and in place.

5 star except one thing


This is now the only holster I use. I am a person who is more into where loser clothing such as sweat and pants with no belt and this is the perfect band. I would give it a 4.9 rather than a 5 star for the only reason being I would love a sleeve you could slide up to cover the velcro strap its gets uncomfortable in some positions most when it's hot out but don't let that this detour you it's not that bad it could just be an improvement it's a outstanding product doesn't sag or lean to a side with the weight of my glock 19 gen 5.

More than great!!!


I've been wearing this for almost a year now, this thing is amazing. I'm a bigger man (6 2, 285) so allot of holsters are just too uncomfortable for me but this belly band is fantastic. You can wear anything with it, I hardly ever wear jeans and I conceal all the time with this thing!!!

Pleasant Surprise


I was a little skeptical, but after trying this on and wearing it out I love it. Very Comfortable!

Best holster around bar none


I have tried countless holsters they have all been unwearable after a day or so, this particular belly band is AMAZING a highway patrol friend told me about this style from this store and he was right, it can be worn and forgotten about it is so comfortable. I wish I would have found this first it would have saved me a lot of money.