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Trijicon HD Night Sights were created with the challenges of law enforcement and military duty in mind. The front sight increases visibility and quickens sight acquisition-even in transitional lighting.

Watch our videos for more info and a better look at how awesome these sights are!
The Trijicon HD three-dot tritium "heavy duty" night sights were created with the challenges of law enforcement and military duty in mind.

With their yellow or orange photoluminescent paint outline and tall blade, the front sight increases visibility and quickens sight acquisition—even in transitional lighting. The rear sight is black-outlined and specially shaped for faster front sight acquisition. It features a wider U-Shaped notch that has been proven to be faster for all shooters.

Additionally, the front surface is steeply hooked to assist in emergency one-handed slide operation. The Hard Duty Night Sights are designed to shine — even in the most demanding conditions.

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Huge Difference for Aging Eyes


For me a very best compromise. Working towards testing for Handgun Combat Master test. I hate the Factory Sights...white-lined plastic Rear makes my eyes go right to the Rear (and then must force to the Front sight). I would use an optic, but not allowed for the test. At least Irons are the most reliable. The large Orange Front Sight, with no dots Rear gives me way better instant focus on Front. And the 3 Tritium Inserts still help for low light. Wide rear U noticeably helps for speed and field of view. Rear has serrations and is slightly angled to provide self-shadowing...both reduce glare. For CCW, in my opinion a solid Front (and Rear) sights are a must rather than light-pipes. Light pipes are brighter, but are absolutely more fragile. These sights cost a little more but are perfect for me and worth every penny. Fyi, Lenny mentions in a video that he happens to use these as his personal choice...I absolutely see why.

XLNT sights


Without question some of the best sights Ive had on any of my handguns. The rear is subdued during the daylight hours allowing the big orange dot out front to really grab your eye, and keep it focused where it should be, on the front sight and your target. At night however, the tritium in these is some of the brightest Ive used, and Ive used many.
The rear also does indeed allow you to charge your weapon one handed should it come to that.
The machining is excellent. These sights, as mentioned before, are not precision target sights but are designed from the slide up ad COMBAT sights, and at that, they excell. The sight picture is perfect for that role, as are the colors.
These sights just work people. Worth every single cent.

Razor sharp edge on rear sight


I had these sights installed on two of my Glocks (at the same time) after hearing great things about them. After five minutes of carrying my Model 27 in an IWB holster I found the rear sight to be ridiculously sharp, even cutting into my skin. Agonizing when seated in a vehicle.

On a positive note, the build quality was excellent and the design concept and contrast are very innovative.

If you are planning on carrying a firearm in a manner where the rear sight may come in contact with your skin, avoid these sights.

amazingly easy to pickup


These are a major improvement over the stock Glock sights. They are very easy to see in the sunlight and the orange front dot is a great contrast. Easy double eye shooting. And even better in the dark. The tritium lights up very bright in the dark and make it easy to see. no need to charge them with a light source like the photo luminescent sights.



that sounds like a holster/carry position problem rather than a sight problem. I have these, great quality sights

Massive upgrade from stock sights.


Best sights I’ve tried so far. The black U-notch rears and bright orange front sight is so easy to pick up a sight picture. And at night, the black U-notch has two little green dots that shine bright, and while the front doesn’t shine orange it’s green like the rears it is still very easy to pick up a target when there’s no light. It uses tritium to glow in the dark and it’s very visible. Best sights I’ve used so far. Massive upgrade from stock Glock sights.

Rugged and Dependable


Have a set on two of my Glock handguns a 30 gen3 and a 21 Gen 4 have had excellent performance out of them. Will be getting a set as soon as they come in for my Glock 41 gen4
Have had no problems with either handgun the large yellow front sight stands out right where it needs to. Just remember line up the three dots when shooting….
I took a stone and rounded my sight edges so when either of them is carried concealed it doesn’t irritate. Doesn’t take much, can’t even tell….
Enjoy… 😎