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Kore Essentials Gun Belt

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The Kore Essentials Gun Belt is a great looking concealed carry belt that YOU adjust to YOUR size. That's why it's UNIVERSAL! You cut it to your size. 
The Size 44 is good for 24-44" waist and the size 54 is good for 46-54" waist sizes. 

Available in leather or tactical nylon in a variety of colors with several buckles to choose from …  both styles feature polymer reinforcement for extreme durability. This is a belt that will last a long time. Rigid enough to support a full-size handgun all day yet still attractive enough to be worn in any situation. 

It's 1-1/2" wide, and best of all... NO BELT HOLES!

Fits 24" up to 54" waist size depending on style.

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Carrying and concealing a handgun is a big responsibility. You need to have quality equipment to insure the gun is safe and secure to your body. The backbone of most concealment holsters is a good belt specifically designed for concealed carry.

The Kore Essentials Gun Belt is one such belt.

It is made of leather or tactical nylon and stiffened with a polymer insert to help support the weight of a handgun. What makes this belt unique is that it comes one-size-fits-all! Using a hidden track sewn into the back of the leather that provides over 40+ size adjustments, in small 1/4" increments, this belt is 8 times more adjustable than a standard gun belt and can be adjusted to perfectly fit your waist every time you put it on.

Sizing marks are imprinted on the back of the leather to assist in trimming the excess material (using household scissors) to obtain your perfect size range. Before you trim your belt, please try it on first and measure carefully before cutting. You belt size is typically 2-4 inches larger than your pant size. The belt is designed to allow you to cut it exactly where you want so that you get the fit that you need!

It's a great concept with attractive universal belt buckles. This is a belt that will last for years.

Once trimmed, these belts are non-refundable.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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A Great Gun Belt


I purchased this belt on the chance that it may work as advertised and it does. I have carried concealed daily for the past 25 years and the belt is well worth the cost. The ratchet system is well designed and allows for the length to be changed with the thickness of your clothing choice. The release lever may be a bit awkward at first but works well. I would highly recommend this product

Best gun belt ever?


It works well with IWB and OWB holsters.

Comfortable, subtle and effective.

It fits cellphone holsters as well, unlike the thick traditional gun belts.

Only question, when are the black belts coming back in stock?

Buy it!

One Belt to Rule Them All


I have gone through numerous belts over the years, both gun belts and standard belts.

Some have been good, few have been great, most were not cheap.

I started using the "track system" style belts a few years ago and really liked them (especially as I started to get into better shape) but they were no way adequate for supporting a firearm.

So when I got the TopShot Tuesday email about this belt, I was pretty excited and when it arrived I was not disappointed.

One of the best gun belts I have ever worn and one of the few belts that I would buy a second or third just to have (especially if they add more buckle styles or buckles available for purchase separately)

Great belt


This is by far the best gun belt out there. The belt is sturdy and the adjustment system is great.
Well worth the money

Awsome Gun Belt


I have tried different Gun Belts and this Belt beats them all. It is so easy to adjust and I like the quarter inch adjustments on the belt so you can get a perfect fit every time. Its so comfortable and strong. Its the best belt ever and would Highly Recommend it to anybody and everybody that owns a gun. I think it is the best belt for the money you can't go wrong with this belt. Just Buy It you wont regret it.

You have to see this belt to believe it!


I wasn't looking for a belt, but they went on sale recently here at Glock Store so I had to check them out. After reading the description I just had to see one in person. I ordered the tan nylon version as I figured it would be great for wearing with my cargo shorts. The way the belt and buckle work together is simple yet simply amazing! I've had it for about 15 minutes now but I already would definitely recommend! The only downside, if I had to name one, is the material is pretty shiny, I like it, think it's very sharp looking, but that's the only possible negative I can mention. Looks very strong so I think it will hold up over time.

4 Stars for Misleading sizing ...


Says in the description Fits 24" up to 54" waist size, but when I got mine in the max the belt goes to is 48" , which fine for me, but barely. the belt was either cut short by someone or the description is false. The belt itself seems to be working well. It comes in a little drawstring bag, the buckle is loose in the bag, and you just clamp it on the end if you do not need to trim it shorter. I figured i was write this first impression review in case someone with a waist larger than 48" tries this out.



Great quality right out of the box. Very adjustable. Highly recommend

Excellent belt


Pros: High quality very functional belt. You will love the 1/4 inch adjustments, makes for a very comfortable fit. The buckle system stays exactly where you set it all day long.

Con: The only issue I have is that the "tail" of the belt does have a tendency to want to stand out away from the waist if you do not have a convenient belt loop in the right position to keep it pulled in.

Black 44" Tactical with open face buckle #1

I would highly recommend this belt.

Great belt, comfortable, works well.


This belt feels sturdy! Mine is the black tactical version and it feels great when carrying. It handles the weight of your pistol and mags very well and the adjustment allows you to get an awesome fit. Follow the directions for sizing and fine tune it to yourself and you'll love it. I highly recommend!