$35 Dollar Holster

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A simple, lightweight, inexpensive yet extremely useful holster.

Fits all Glocks Gen1-5.

Also fits handguns built with the Polymer80! Use G20/21 fit for P80 handguns.

Please Note: If you prefer, you can wear it as an IWB holster. If you're right handed and want to wear it IWB, order the left hand version and vice versa for left handed shooters.

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Here's another low cost, high value holster designed by Lenny Magill!

It features a very sturdy and ergonomic clip that can easily attach to your belt to carry a handgun. The clip is what makes it so desirable because it can be attached and detached so quickly and easily.

Or, if you prefer, you can wear it as an IWB holster.

If you're right handed and want to wear it IWB, order the left hand version and vice versa for left handed shooters.

It's a simple, lightweight, yet extremely useful holster that will last for years.

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Amazing for the price.


This holster is worth every penny. Don't let the low cost fool you. It stacks up just as good as similar designs that go for $70 elsewhere. Belt clip is solid, fits my 1.50" belt and will not come off unless I physically open the clip off. Low profile and unnoticeable when using it as an appendix IWB for concealment. I purchased the left hand for this. Has a retention screw so you can set it loose, or snug. A lot of other companies don't offer that. I purchased the one for my 19, but I tried it in my 17 and it works too, the slide sticks out a tad but works perfect. I'm happy I went with this. Fast shipping too.

Goldilox factor


I love this holster. It's so simple, yet just right. Not too big to where its bulky, and not small enough to where it doesn't offer enough belt retention or safety. It's just the perfect little holster for a little gun(G42 & G43). I am a right handed shooter, but purchased the left handed holster because it puts the clip on the right side of the gun making it ideal for IWB carry with minimal printing. It also makes it a great carry option on the hip with a belt. The tension of the belt plus the clip ensures a quick draw with minimal movement in the holster. It's a great simplistic holster that has left me satisfied. The clip has nice big screws in the kydex. The price is a little high but I was only willing to pay it because it fit my niche. If they made them $20 or so each, they wouldn't be able to keep them in stock.

What A Bargain!


I have been looking for a holster to clip on my belt, but I just do not care for IWB or paddle holsters. This little gem fits the bill. Easy on, easy off, and it holds my Glock as securely as any holster without a strap that I have seen. I could not make my G43 fall out, even when I turned it upside down and tried to shake it out. Thanks, Lenny Magill... I really like this holster, and I will be ordering some more in the future for my other Glocks. This will almost assuredly be my new EDC holster. As usual, GlockStore came through again!

Good IWB holster, great price


Sturdy clip that is adjustable for cant. Drawing and re-holstering take some practice if your used to more substantial holsters. Good materials. Adjustable retention screw for perfect fit.



I got this because i turned a coworker to iwb and he loves his $35 holster for his 43.. So i decided to give it a shot.. Has a nice amount of extra space for if u have changed to a bigger front sight.. But i have the extended takedown lever and its scraping the inside of the holster. Not a huge difference on the draw, it doesnt stick or anything. but kinda sad they made the front sights chanel so large but my takedown scrapes :/

Cant be beat.


For the price this cant be beat. Quality is spot on. Fits perfect straight out of the box. You can make it snugger or loose by loosening the screw that controls the tension of the rubber spacer thingamajig. Im using this $35 version in a Glock 19, and just picked up one for the 42 at the costa mesa gun show they just attended last weekend. Friendly helpful staff. Going to be getting a G43 version next.

Great holster for conceal and normal wear around the woods


Ordered my 35$ holster for my birthday. Received, excellent quality and has a good stop to prevent popping off belt when drawing pistol. I ordered the right hand for the Glock 43. Very good piece of kit. Fits nice for conceal carry and does not profile on shirt or jacket type wear.

Solid, High-Quality Holster!


I bought the right-handed one for OWB because I feared I was too heavy (fat) to carry IWB. But when it arrived I tried it on the other side inside the waist and it felt very comfortable. I considered exchanging it for the left-handed one, but decided to keep it and buy both since it's so affordable. So now, I can carry OWB under a winter coat, or IWB under a shirt.

It's very light, yet built tough and made to last. Highly recommended.

35 dollar holster


I just got mine I got 2 of them one right then the left and I love them good and comfortable and I carry a g17 gen5 it fits good to your belt and hugs on your gun and locks on to your gun and it doesn't slide off your gun I will recommend this to anyone.

The Very Best out of a Box Full


Like many, I have unwittingly collected holsters over the years to the point that I have a large box full of holsters. Most are like new. All promised features that ultimately did not quite pan out for me.

Couple of weeks ago I ordered the $35 holster with no expectations other than it will probably end up in the big Box-O-Holsters. No big deal.

Well, the Glock Store has exceeded my expectations . . . The $35 holster is

1. Simple
2. Well made
3. Comfortable and
4. Conceals well in the IWB mode.

For me I can tell after a week or so of using that It will NOT end up in the big Box-O-Holsters.

I love this holster.

just what the doctor ordered.


First let me say that i don't do many reviews,but i am very impressed with this holster. It has a perfectly sized front sight channel and fits the G19 like a glove, with good retention. Strong, durable, not big or bulky, but perfectly contoured to fit your glock. Combine that with great customer service and fast shipping, made this purchase a no-brainer. 5 stars for sure. Thank's Lenny.

Four stars for the money


This is good for the money. If it covered the mag release and had adjustable cant, it'd be a 5 star. It needs a soft loops option too.

Awesome holster for the price


At first I was skeptical about a holster like this for polymer80 frames. It wasn't clear whether or not it would fit either the full size or the compact frame. I haven't gotten any emails back after asking so I went ahead and pulled the trigger (pun intended). First Impression, very compact and well made. It fit my Full size glock p80 and compact p80 perfectly. I adjusted the retention slightly and the fit was beautiful, like a glove. I'm definitely going to buy another one for IWB. The reason for 4 stars is because of Limited belt retention system, Im personally not a big fan of the belt clip, I would absolutely pay more if it has paddle or Teklok system. Overall awesome holster, well built and very compact.

Great Basic Holster


Originally I got my $35 Holster for OWB and I love it so much I got a second $35 Holster for IWB.



i love this holster! fits my glock 19 gen 4 perfect..thank you Lenny!

Best value in a kydex holster.


This holster is a great value for the money. Not a fancy holster with sweat guard or lining etc.
It is the best value and most functional rig I have found after much research and even looked at custom kydex holsters of similar design.
Adjustable hold tension with a good belt clip, light weight and its small on your hip.
Easy and fast to take off or put on. Handy to have around the home, ranch or camp for OWB.
Well fitted to the large frame Glock or polymer 80. Vertical draw is fine but prefer a canted draw.
Minimal holster maximum value. If it was adjustable for a 15 degree angle it would be perfect.

Great for my Glock 43/42 for IWB!


Great little holster, with two screws to secure the clip. I had purchased one for my G43 and I recently bought a G42 and needed a holster for it as well. If you use the holster as an IWB I do not think you will find a better holster at this price. The clip is mounted up high which makes the holster perfect for AIWB concealment carry.

Amazing Holster!


Amazing Holster! Buy it, you won't regret it. It's only 35 dollars. I love it!

Small crack around the retention nut.


The holster is great however I had a problem with retention. I notice a small crack around the edge of the retention nut that resulted in The holster not securing my pistol. I placed a small washer between the nut and the plastic and it seem to resolve the problem. Will wait to see if inserting the washer between the retention nut and plastic before buying another holster.

Best Holster, Period!


A couple of months ago I saw Lenny demonstrating some thing else and this holster was mentioned. It intrigued me, so I bought one for my Glock G30. Well, all I can say is this is the absolute best concealed carry holster I have ever owned (I have been carrying for six or so years) I have been through a lot of different holsters. I LOVE it! In fact (I am very cheap) I like it so much I popped for another one for my Glock G36. I see three more on h horizon: G19, G20, and a G21 All are listed on my CCW.