Advanced Mini Holster

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Our new Mini Holster is the smallest and lightest weight holster we’ve ever seen, yet it’s completely functional and extremely versatile.

It is a well designed IWB holster that fits all double stack Glock handguns. The belt clip is black and basically looks like a belt loop on your pants. Cover this with a t-shirt or sweater, and no one will ever suspect that you are carrying.

Fits All Standard Gen3, Gen4, and Gen5 Glocks, including the G36.

For the G42/43/43X/48 version click here.

IWB – Ambidextrous (Simply remove the belt loop and reattach on opposite side)

• Inside the Waistband Carry
• Low-Profile with No Bulk
• Enhanced Retention Mechanism
• One-Handed Reholstering
• Adjustable Cant Angle
• Tuckable
• Designed for Everyday Carry
• Ambidextrous
• Red Dot Sight Compatible
• Durable Polymer Shell
• Made in the USA
  • Home
  • Flat Faced Basic Pyramid Trigger

Ratings & Reviews

14 reviews

Advanced Mini Holster:


Recieved my Advanced Mini Holster yesterday and after wearing it all day I noticed a couple of issues. First of all, the belt clip can "pivot" back and forth to adjust comfortably for sitting, squatting, even jogging. This is a useful feature, however the clip only allows the holster to "pivot" while the tension screws are loose enough. Well when the screws are loose enough to allow the clip to move back and forth, any further action movements (running, climbing, grappling with a bad guy....etc) cause the screws to basically loosen themselves enough to be a detriment
to the wearer. Anyone crazy enough like myself to run "no-light" drills where everything you do; loading and unloading magazines, drawing and holstering speed drills, is all done by feel not sight. While its compact size is what made it a wonderful choice for myself, it makes it pretty difficult to reholster your firearm without stopping everything and using two hands.

Beautifully Built, a little too snug.


I was really excited when I was able to snag this when is had a one day sale. I was even more ecstatic when I got the email confirmation that it had finally arrived in the mail. Once I unboxed it and saw how clean it looked, without hesitation I slipped my Glock 19 in to see how it would fit. As expected, it locked in with almost no effort. I hung it upside down, shook it, and there was no movement what-so-ever. My gun wasn't going anywhere unless I wanted it to... as least that's what I though initially. I inserted it into my waistband in an attempt to practice my draw. Once I tried to draw, no movement. Thinking to myself, ok it's in there, I'm going to have to be a man and really pull this thing. I tried once more, applying more force this time, still couldn't get my gun out. Now this wouldn't be ideal in the event I actually needed to use it, but it is brand new. I'm gonna see if I can break it in for the next few days and see if it gets better.

Retired LE


Was pleased to see that the securing clip was at least twice as thick as the clip for the $30 holster. The clip on my $30 holster broke off.
My G 23 fit perfectly. Liked the fact you can change the tilt on the holster, more comfortable for IWB carry. Very concealable. Would recommend this holster.

Great Product! Might require some break-in


Been running this holster for a while, it has quickly become my go-to and I've made some observations that may help new users with some of the issues I've seen mentioned in the other reviews.
Retention - Upon inserting my pistol into the holster, it had a tight, but manageable, fit and it required a firm draw to release. While I took no issue with this, I figured I’d see if I could try to loosen it up a bit. I simply stretched the shell of the holster by grabbing the sides at the top-rear and pulling outward slowly but firmly and holding it open for about 30 seconds. This seemed to work well.
Cant angle - The method that worked best for me is to adjust it to the most comfortable angle for my carry position and then tighten the hardware down to hold at that angle. I have not experienced the hardware loosening after doing so. Furthermore, locking it at one angle seems to aid the reholstering process as I can easily reholster using one hand while holding my t-shirt out of the way.

Love this IWB


Man this thing fits my body perfect. My carry is a Gen4 G19 I'm 5'10" 235lbs with a pair of handlebars. If my belly button is in the 12:00 position then I wear it at the 4:30. I can sit, squat, walk and actually forget it's there, not really but you get my point.

The adjustable tilt is an awesome feature and I keep the adjustment at full tilt. If I ever have to draw, I'll have to make sure I have a firm grip because it's held in pretty snug but seems to be loosening up.

This is an excellent product and I recommend it.

Non-traditional Uses, Too


I love this holster. It is great for non-traditional locations. In the northern states ,we are inclined to wear jackets and coats, and this holster is perfect for carrying inside an outer pocket without the added bulk of a full-sized holster.

Fits Spectre 80.


Little bit of light profiling on the width of the spectre 80 trigger guard and this holster works.

Advanced Mini Holster


I was aware of this style of trigger covering device / holster as I already own Several Aegis Armory holsters. I am aware of more than one negligent Glock discharge. One that is worth mentioning, to a guy who needed to stuff his Glock inside his pants who had his hands full to push the exit bar on the door at a gun range. When he shoved his Glock in his pants the trigger caught a button on his shirt, below his belt line. He missed his jewels but he shot a trench down the outer skin of his upper leg he required Rescue and a trip to the Emergency Room. This Holster is a Glock Owners dream. I like the up-swept hook on the belt clip that prevents the holster from coming out during the draw. The belt clip should be spring steel. Additionally the belt clip screws should have come with LocTite on them. It is still two thumbs up!

How about Glock 20,29 and 30


I really like like this holster but I haven't seen any reviews regarding full size Glock 20 which isn't to conceal IWB and comfortably as at the 3 o'clock position?

I'm looking to down size my full size Glock to the compact 29 and 30 for better concealment hopefully this holster will work.

Get this for your g43


Smallest and lightest IWB holster out there. If draw is firm and deliberate, the gun will slide right out. You cant lightly draw. Once you figure out how the gun slides in at a particular angle it's easy one handed. It doesn't qjust slide in like others but clips on. Once you figure out its dynamics, it's a very effective holster and I love it for everyday carry.

Great IWB holster


love this holster. Received this a year ago and been using every day. I use the 4 o clock and small of the back for carry. This works great with my 19, 26, 30 Glocks. the 30 fit is a might snug compared to the 19 and 26

Great holster, bad retention


I want to love this holster. It looks amazing, and in theory it works very well, however after having mine for over a month and trying to break it in and even trying to bend the plastic enough with my hands that I can get a good draw, I simply can not. I still use it to carry, and it is extremely comfortable, however no matter how hard I try I can not get the gun to unholster without the whole gun and holster coming out. For reference I have a Glock G45, no modifications. It could be due to using a more elastic belt, but it simply will not draw correctly no matter how hard I try.

I love my new holster!!!


I love this holster! It keeps my glock 23 right against my kidney. I saw a couple reviews that made me iffy about how hard it is to pull, but if you pull your pistol like your life depends on it, then no worries! Great job with this product!

G30 and G21 IWB works well


I have used another barand of holsterless clip for over 14 years on my G30. It was time to replace and saw this product. Being in LE over 30 years and a Firearms Instructor, I like the positive retention this product has, it requires a deliberate draw. I am disappointed that my holster was only sold with a button strap, not the clip. The skin side of holster should have neoprene type padding as extended wear, holster digs into hip. Others have covered this issue of being unable to reholster single handed. I've tried even 2 hands and I totally disagree with trying to reholster without removing the holster, snapping your firearm into the sleeve and then replacing into your waiatband as all one unit again. I like the design and compact size to reduce profile. I am 6'4, 310lbs so I am not a little guy, but I can hide even my G21SF using this holster if needed. Again folks safety safety safety while using this product, it works great as designed other than issues listed above.