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Advanced Mini Holster for Glock 42/43/43X/48

SKU: 2652
FITS SS80, GLOCK 43X & 48 TOO!

The Original Mini Holster quickly became one of our most popular, lightweight concealment holster for full size and compact Glocks.

As such, we were constantly being asked when there was going to be a G42/43 version.

Well, the short answer is now!

This is the smallest and lightest holster we’ve seen for the G42/43 siblings, yet it’s completely functional and extremely versatile. It is a well designed IWB holster that fits the slim frame Glocks perfectly. The belt clip is black and basically looks like a belt loop on your pants. Cover this with a t-shirt or sweater, and no one will ever suspect that you are carrying.

Fits Glock 42, 43, 43X, and 48 only. For other Glocks, click here.

• Inside the Waistband Carry
• Low-Profile With No Bulk
• Enhanced Retention Mechanism
• One-Handed Reholstering
• Adjustable Cant Angle
• Tuckable
• Designed For Everyday Carry
• Ambidextrous
• Red Dot Sight Compatible
• Durable Polymer Shell
• Made in the USA
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  • Flat Faced Basic Pyramid Trigger

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Awesome little EDC holster


Received this holster today and immediately tried it on. What a difference from the IWB that I currently use. It is much smaller, lighter, sleeker and all-around easier to wear. Not to mention much more comfortable and I love the fact that it's ambidextrous. I would give this holster a 5 star rating but the retention is a little tighter than I like however, it may be adjustable. I will mess with the retention setting and update my review after I wear it for a few days.

Excellent, but... leggo holster, let go!


Very happy to get my Advanced Mini Holster (for a G42)! It's a great holster for size, weight and shape for us seniors who are "minimalists" and want an IWB carry holster.

The Advanced Mini Holster (AMH) for G42/43 is a definite option for readiness and "punch" and for maximun conceal. I appreciated that Glockstore has offered very similar, great fits for other Glocks.

But... the AMH42/43 has an alligator-jaw clasp that seems almost unuseable as a CC for my strength and draw-reflex. This little holster has an absolute death-grip on my G42! And for all its +'s, this one death-grip feature negates all the other "perfect fits" for me.

Anyone else have an options for making this little gem a total 5-stars? Glockstore folks? Other's who have fixed this problem while still keeping the holster?

Fix to the LEGGO..LET GO G42 Advanced Mini Holster


Update: Very quick reply and remedy from www.advancedholster.com. There is a simple bending, break-in method. This is not fragile, break-if-you-bend material (as i first believed). After a few bend/stretch sessions (4) over the last 24 hours, the retention/draw ratio on this seems just right! This holster is now a 5-star. Good call to offer this to us Glocksters.

Love my mini holster! Thanks Lenny for making the video,


Bought one for my 43X. Very compact and the gun stays secure. Highly recommended.

Extremely comfortable!


I love this holster. I had been struggling with AIWB and tried other holsters without success. This one gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. It clips to my belt and it is so comfortable. Two thumbs up. Great holster.

My go to IWB! Buy it you won't be disappointed!


Bought this for my 43X after seeing Lenny's video. What a great buy at a great price! Does exactly what it's supposed to. This has now become my go to IWB. Comfortable and nobody can even tell your carrying. Can't get any better than this!