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Complete Dry-Fire Laser Reset Trigger System

$499.95 to $509.95
SKU: 8355
$499.95 to $509.95

This is unlike any other reset trigger kit on the market!

I have tested them all, and I know that our trigger pull is more realistic. It actually clicks like a real Glock trigger, and it will actuate the Magic Bullet. This, combined, gives you the most dynamic dry fire/laser fire training tool available at this time.

PLEASE NOTE: Reset Triggers are not intended for use with live ammunition. Doing so may result in damage to your firearm.

Most Reset Triggers are built to order. It may take up to five business days to build, test, and ship your trigger.

After considerable research and development and lots of "going back to the drawing board," I'm pleased to announce that we have now perfected the Reset Trigger System and its ability to work with the Magic Bullet Laser module.

Please Note: When ordering the Magic Bullet for calibers other than 9mm, an adapter ring is required for the laser to function properly. Adapter rings for the Magic Bullet can be found here SKU #8146

Our kit includes a specially designed striker, trigger, and trigger housing that gives you a consistent and realistic trigger pull while effectively resetting itself to allow for rapid shot after shot practice while projecting a laser dot to your target each and every shot, no matter how fast you pull the trigger.

The Reset Trigger System drops into your existing gun in less than two minutes, and you're ready for serious training that will translate itself to the range the next time you shoot live ammo.

The kit also comes complete with a set of 3 Interactive Multi Laser Training Targets, designed to work flawlessly with laser cartridges like the Magic Bullet. These targets can be programmed to simulate courses of fire for competition and even tactical training.

Please, watch our online videos for complete demonstrations and information regarding this outstanding device.

If you are serious about training and want to become a faster, more accurate shooter, I strongly suggest that you consider the entire package as described. I encourage you to watch the videos on our website so that you fully understand the value and advantage this training will give you. I guarantee that if you practice as I demonstrate, you will become a faster and more accurate shooter.

The 9mm Reset Trigger will not function in a Glock 43, 43X, or 48.

Extended slide stop levers are also compatible with the Reset Trigger, such as SKU #6102

Order Online or Call Toll-Free: 1-800-601-8273

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Honest positive and very pleased


So, the important answers first...
Yes, this will dramatically improve your aim, reaction, and grouping.
Yes, this is going to save you a ton of money on range fees and physical ammo rounds.
Yes, you will see greatly improved results the next time you actually are at the range or...

Thanks to this...
- I can now practice inside the house no matter what the weather is outside.
- I never have to stop and take time to reload.
- It is always loaded and ready to go.
- The automated targets really improve your shoot/no shoot skills.
- It really makes practicing your draw much safer.
- Getting used to using your weak hand can be an expensive endeavor but this makes it hands-down the cheapest way to improve the accuracy of your weak hand.

I recently went out to the desert to practice with my brother from another state. He was astounded at how much my accuracy and speed had improved. I was nailing soda bottles at 40 yards and putting out 3 inch rapid fire groups at 10 yards.

Ecstatic about this system


Yes, this kit cost almost as my Glock, but it's just as exciting to use. I bought it to use with my Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS. The system takes about 10-15 minutes to swap out the trigger and firing pin. I don't think I would want to swap it out regularly and suggest getting another weapon to use it frequently. The targets are simple to use and work well with each other. The different modes make it fun and engaging. I wanted a system like this where I didn't have to rack my slide with each shot, and the laser seems accurate with all the O-rings to fit perfectly into the barrel. Really happy I pulled the trigger on this purchase!

Pull the trigger. Literally.


Great product! If your thinking about it do it! It pays for itself in no time flat.

Impressive training device and fun to use.


I received this complete setup yesterday for my Glock 17 Gen 4 and I’m very impressed with the quick install, which was quite easy if you watch Lenny’s install tutorial on the product while installing your own.

The trigger, laser, and targets have worked flawlessly and I’ve probably pulled the trigger close to 1000 times in the last 24 hours. One review says it pays for itself in no time. They are absolutely correct. With 1000 target practice rounds costing anywhere from $280-$350, this is an investment that will reward you continuously when you don’t want to pay for ammo, gas, or don’t have time to get to the range.

Rain or shine, you can train from your home while having fun doing so. I recommend the investment.



I have been using this system for two years now and IT FANTASTIC!
Expensive, but I've learned to shoot from the hip using this dry-rife laser reset trigger system! That saves time, and could see my life... and it is well worth the money this systems cost.