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Dead Weight Trigger Weight

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This is the "old school" trigger weight that is much more accurate than the new digital or spring-loaded units. It's simple, easy to use, consistently accurate and virtually unbreakable. It's perfect for measuring trigger pull weights and it gives consistent results every time. No moving parts, solid steel weights, easy to understand — if you really want to measure trigger weights accurately and consistently on your firearms, this is the best option.

Comes with Pistol Length Bar attached to a 2lb weight, 1x 3lb weight, 2x 1lb weight, 1x .5lb weight, and 1x .25lb weight. 7.75lbs total.

Need more weights for your perfect measurement?
Grab Individual Weights Here

Want to use the Dead Weight Trigger Weight with your rifle?
Grab an extra Trigger Bar Here

This tool is the best way to accurately measure trigger pull on all your single and double action firearms. This is a much better and more reliable way than spring loaded or digital trigger weights. 

The MAGILL Trigger Weight is a dead weight measuring device that allows you to determine trigger weight consistently - every time! 

Set includes the following plates: (1) ¼ lb, (1) ½ lb., (2) 1 lb., (1) 3 lb., and  (1) 2 lb base weight. - total of 12.75 lbs. Additional weights are available

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Dead Weight Trigger pull gauge


I just received this trigger pull product. After years of inconsistent readings on a number of more modern gauges I came across this one. Although it is pricey I am really happy with it. The design allows you to use it for very light pull weights all the way to max. It is very well made and when weighing the individual weights separately or in the respective increments on a high quality scale, they are to the ounce dead on. For LE armorers dealing with a large inventory or for a collector with a large collection this product is well worth it. The videos wherein the Glock Store guy Lenny Magill uses this product are on point. I highly recommend it.