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Double Diamond 2 Port Barrel

$159.99 to $229.99
SKU: 1002
$159.99 to $229.99
GSPC match grade replacement barrels are manufactured from the highest grade 416R stainless forgings. CNC machined and heat treated, providing a life time of service and unparalleled accuracy at an affordable price.

Please note: Not compatible with Gen 5 Glocks
The standard groove and land rifling make this an excellent choice for those who wish to shoot lead, plated or jacketed bullets. Can be used in factory ported or stock pistols.

Special features include:
  • Ready to use, pre-fit, drop-in
  • No gunsmithing required.
  • Precision machined from heat treated 416R stainless forgings
  • Oversized lock-up area produces greater shot-to-shot accuracy
  • Tighter than factory spec dimensions
  • Polished feed ramp and bore
  • Match grade broach cut rifling and target crown
  • Compatible with all Glock generations except Gen 5
  • Maximum chamber support
  • Improved feed ramp design
  • Diamond turned exterior
  • Okay to use lead, plated or jacketed bullets

GSPC warranty will replace any barrels or barrel accessories which are found to have manufacturing or material defects. Customer modifications or the use of reloaded ammunition will void this warranty.

Please note:

In-stock availability of our GSPC barrels may be limited. If your order is time sensitive, we recommend contacting us to verify quantities.

Barrels may only be returned if they are unused and in resellable condition. If the item is defective, ie, does not fuction, we will accept a return within the 30 day period only.

Not available for export outside the United States.

Order Online or Call Toll Free: 1-800-601-8273
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Good product


Very good barrel,had to file a small bit to get it to fit right but other than that is a good addition,I put it on my ploymer80 build and it shoots great,I would recommend this to a freind

Good stuff


Excellent product fit and trim is perfect also lowers your reset Time dramatically



Love it no complaints at all looks good and really helps

Love it


Great product love it will definitely purchase more

Very Impressed.


I'll be honest, I got this barrel because it looks cool poking out the bottom of my Total Eclipse OWB from Blade-Tech. After putting 500 rounds through it, I'll say this thing is worth more than I paid. The ports actually mitigate the recoil nicely. I was shooting 124gr FMJ 9MM Luger from my newly built P80, and 95gr Cast .380Auto in my son's Walther PK380 and recoil was similar. It would probably be non-existent if I took some more weight off the slide, but looking good is 1/2 the battle.

For the Handloader


If you drop one of these Storm Lake barrels into your once reliable Glock 20 and should suddenly a feed issue arise, it's not the barrel. It's the underpowered factory ammunition you are feeding it. Frustrating yeah?
10mm is elite. The best caliber ever created for a semiautomatic service pistol. The Chuck Norris, if you will, of pistol rounds. 10mm Auto is excessive. 15rds of 10mm is overly excessive.
Before you sport this barrel at the range perhaps it's better to take time to first master the fireball coming out the factory barrel using factory loads. Once you are at that level of proficiency you'll appreciate the advantage this barrel offers. The type of ammunition the Storm Lake, 2-port Glock 20 barrel requires to function, requires you to supply elite levels of cartridge loads. You can't feed this barrel anything other than high octane. Experiment with recoil springs, lube the heck out of it, use only round nose but the reality is this barrel is for the elite of the elite.



Just took out my Glock 30 to the range with the 23 lb. tungsten guide rod and Double Diamond ported Barrel. I shot about 20 rounds of Hornady critical duty 220 gr. +P and the firearm functioned flawlessly. I needed something to absorb some of that recoil along with the Tungsten guide rod to handle some of the hotter +P round for in the wood protection here in Alaska as a backup when hunting or hiking.. It was notable loader due to the porting but nothing a headset doesn't correct. The feeding wasn't a issue at all even with lead rounds. I am pleased with this product and with the Glock 21 magazine installed you cant beat 13+1.

Great barrel


Ordered the black barrel for a g23 and the ports made a real difference on managing the thing, .40 can be a bit of a snappy round and this barrel sure helped there and gave a pretty good accuracy boost with that. Only reason this doesn't get five stars is the black quickly rubbed off on a few points. Not a real problem but maybe the gold or Stainless would hold better with wear.