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ETS C.A.M. Magazine Loader

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SKU: 2718-9mm/.40cal
It's fast, it's easy, and it's fun! Load your magazines faster with this new loader.

Watch the video for a complete demo.
The ETS C.A.M. Magazine Loader is a new and unique way to load your magazines fast and easily.

This concept takes the "stripper clip" method used with WWII era rifles and allows you to "grab" up to 17 rounds of 9mm at a time, and then with one swift and stout push, load them all into your Glock magazine!

It's that easy, really, trust me. You have to watch the video to see how this works and to appreciate the concept.

It is certainly a novel way to load your magazines.
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Will Not work with Remington RP9 magazine


I have used this loader on several 9mm magazines and love it. Quick to load magazines. Does not take much effort if you lube the loader. However it WILL NOT WORK with a Remington RP9 pistol magazine. The RP9 magazine is to long to fit in the ETS magazine cam loader base

A must have loader


Love this loader. I use it with my gen 4 glock 17, magazines, and never had an issue. Using this loader I can empty a full 50 round box in less than 3 minutes. The only 2 drawbacks I have encountered are:
1. Loose pack ammo has to be loaded one by one into the loader.
2. You can run through 500 rounds in less than an hour.

Every time I go to the range everyone asks me about it, and I happily show it to them and tell them to come here and check it out.

ETS loader is a game changer.


I love the ETS loader. It takes 15-20 times before it breaks in. Follow the instructions. Once it’s broken in, it’s a game changer. Takes seconds to load 10 rounds. It’s actually fun to use. I have a Lulu and the ETS is way better.