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Lula Universal Mag Loader

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Without a doubt, the most popular, useful and functional magazine loading device on the market. It works with just about every magazine you own using less muscle movement so you have no fatigue, sore fingers, etc. You can load hundreds of rounds in a day and be ready for more.

Watch the video for a complete demonstration.

Works with all gun manufactures: Glock, Beretta, Sig, Springfield, S&W, Taurus, HK, etc.

Easiest, Fastest Mag Loader Available! Perfect for competition shooters, senior citizens, anyone who wants to load faster and easier.

Note: This loader does not fit or function with the Glock 44.

Please Note: The “.22 - .380” option will NOT load the following magazines:
• Wide-body mags. > 1/2”, like Converted .22 mags. use 22UpLULA® loader
• Mags with depth > 1 1/8″ (1.125″, 29mm)
• Mags with a projecting follower button, like Ruger MKI, MKII, MKIII. use V10-LULA™ X10-LULA™; X12-LULA™ T12-LULA™.
• Beretta 81 Cheetah .32ACP 12 round.
• Henry AR-7 .22lr
• Colt ACE .22LR
• Glock 44
• Glock 42 .380, use UpLULA® loader
• Ruger LC380, use UpLULA® loader
• Ruger Security .380, use UpLULA® loader
• SIG P290 .380, use UpLULA® loader + preferably 1911AI® Aligner Insert.
• Sig Sauer P365-380, use UpLULA® loader
• Smith & Wesson M&P .380 Shield EZ, use UpLULA® loader.
• Walther CCP .380, use UpLULA® loader + preferably 1911AI® Aligner Insert.

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No more final round frustration!


After one mag of practice, attacked my three new G30 magazines that were awaiting their final round. Popped right in. Works great on my G26 magazines also. As the instructions indicate, make sure the base of the loader is on a hard, firm surface--especially for that final round. Consider this a must have tool--especially for new magazines.



Tried one of these at the range. One of the best and easiest I have ever used! Single or double mags doesn't matter. Got one on order!



This thing, just flat works. Thanks, Daniel

quick little bugger


iv used mainly the standard reloading tool especialy for the final round or two in a mag, and i always thought i was fairly decent at loading speed [tho ten 13+ rd mags in and you start to feel the "burn"] this thing.. wow.. i just knocked out 200 rounds like it was nothing.. has a learning curve and the paint on the metal "tongue" quickly wore away. and brand new especialy aftermarket [+10% springs] may still take a little fuss till they break in.. but this is a peice of cake. not sure how iv gone so long without it O.o

Hands hurt ?


Great item for those of us who live in the wonderful world of arthritis. Very easy to use, I would not be without one !



Always envisioned myself as a tough guy, but as I age small things get tougher. This handy dandy tool loads every pistol magazine in my house, all the way down to a Taurus .380




So easy a stone man like me can use it.


Why didn't I buy one of these a long time ago, so simple and old guys like me don't have to struggle with loading magazines. Best purchase in years.



Very fast easy to use even for women it's the best !!!!!!!

Makes you want to find and hug the engineer who designed it


LOVE THIS THING! The LULA is one of those things that, once you try it, you can't understand how you ever got along without It. Simply amazing. Way, way, way more than worth the money. Turns the chore of magazine loading into a piece of cake. The only thing I might even remotely consider a drawback is the occasional accidental activation of the lock. I'm not sure why it even has a lock to be honest, but that inconvenience is so small as to be irrelevant. I have three of these things, and will probably buy more. I want one for every gun bag, the cleaning bag, the gunsmith table, my desk, the workshop, my pickup, and maybe even one for the mantel over the fireplace so I can just admire it sometimes. Did I mention I love these things?

Couldn’t live with out it.


Wonderful little product. So much easier to load than using my fingers. Super fast too. So glad I bought this item.

I gave away my stock Glock loader.


I bought a yellow one and showed my buddies how well it worked. They both got yellow ones, also!
Works for 9 mm,40 and 45 cartridge's! Finger-saver machine. Over 500 rounds through it, so far. Flawless. I bought a yellow door stop as a companion to place under it to make the magazines stand vertical when loading. Good idea- I may glue it to the base .J*B Weld.

Can't do without!!!


I didn't buy mine at GS but have have one for several years. This is the best thing since sliced bread. If you look on the internet you'll be able to find inserts for the smaller calibers.

Range Bag Must Have


As an older shooter, with arthritic hands and fingers; this is a Godsend. A must for your range bag.



I've had this loader for a few years now. It stands right beside ammo and holster in regards to importance. It is a MUST HAVE !

Thumb saver


No more struggle with the last round in the mag. This is a great product.

With the money, save your fingers!


Just awesome! I’m not a gun expert, but I’d get frustrated loading that last round into my Glock magazine and it would usually be a bad word forcing it in and sore fingers loading all my magazines before hitting the range. This 100% solves that problem. Watching Lenny’s sold me on spending the extra money and it was worth it. It makes the Glock thumb saver look like a toy. Great buy!

I recommend this loader


Lula mag loader is a great product.



Got the green one, it is a very dark green. Works better than the normal Glock loader